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Ride. Always.
Paramount GTX
Crafted from a design idea that was never about if we should – it only ever mattered if we could – the 100% waterproof Paramount GTX one-piece suit pretty much has it all. It’s a wearable engineering statement made for riding. Whenever, wherever, and for however long you feel like – with ease and with confidence, in total comfort.With the Paramount GTX there’s not a single reason not to ride. So. Ride. Always.
PARAMOUNT GTX ONE-PIECEHigh-tech, all-season, one-piece suit ready for commuting or touring adventures on the asphalt

The Paramount GTX is an unconventional one-piece Adventure Touring suit. Engineered to keep you going in any season, any weather, and anywhere with a fully waterproof one-piece garment design, featuring tried-and-tested 3L GORE-TEX laminate and industry-leading, waterproof zipper technology from TIZIP®.

Available in Dark Blue

GET WET, STAY DRY100% waterproof 3L GORE-TEX

In terms of high-quality waterproofing technology, GORE-TEX isn’t synonymous with staying dry by mistake. With the one-piece’s main construction engineered from extremely durable, 400D, three-layer laminate, GORE-TEX fabric, the clever one-piece design will wrap you in top-end wind and waterproofing from collars and cuffs right down to the bottom hems. 

With no split like you would have with a regular jacket and pants combination, the Paramount GTX eliminates that potential kink in its waterproofing armor. All the while providing riding comfort like you’ve never experienced before thanks to the one-piece design suspending the suit from the shoulders, leaving you free to move as you feel without any fitment constraints or bulging of zips and material overlap around the waist.

Simply step in and suit upTop-tier waterproof zipper tech

The longest and strongest zipper we’ve ever applied to a garment, introducing the MasterSeal front zipper by industry leaders TIZIP®. Running all the way from the one piece’s collar to the bottom hem of the left leg, the main zipper – with a secondary TIZIP® zipper along the other leg – offers unsurpassed easy entry, opening suit up right down the middle. Ready for you to simply step in and suit up. 

Not only providing smart convenience, the TIZIP® MasterSeal zipper carries over top-tier tech from the dry suit diving industry to seal the deal on the Paramount GTX’s superlative waterproofing prowess. 


Providing an effective defense against the elements, the detachable storm collar is made with 100% windproof and waterproof 200D 3L GORE-TEX. To block out the chilling breezes wind and keeping rainwater at bay. Cleverly integrated, flexible and soft-to-the-touch neoprene and micro fleece along the inner rim lets the storm collar get to work, protecting one of the otherwise most exposed parts of the rider’s body without causing discomfort or distraction.

BASK IN FRESH AIRPurposeful ventilation and fit

Not only made to traverse adverse weather, the Paramount GTX is just as focused and ready to take on the road when temperatures climb thanks to REV’IT!’s proprietary VCS|Aquadefence technology. A total of four of our extra-large ventilation panels let you bask in fresh air when opened up, only to reseal the one-piece suit’s 100% waterproof shell when closed. 

With a patented waterproof seal and quick-action opening and closing thanks to strong, magnetic FidLock® fasteners, the VCS|Aquadefence panels at the front and strategically positioned VCS ventilation zippers around the back and along the upper arms add a firm dose of breathability to ride on in any situation.

The unconventional one-piece design of the Paramount GTX provides unparalleled riding comfort from the moment you zip up, with precisely and easily adjustable fit in all the right places. To assure fit will always on point, the Paramount GTX comes in Standard sizes as well as Short and Long versions.

RIDING IS YOUR PREROGATIVEHigh-tech riding outfit

By challenging the status quo and questioning convention, REV’IT!’s Design and R&D departments have reimagined the ultimate Adventure Touring outfit with the introduction of the Paramount GTX. A fully waterproof and ventilated one-piece garment design that can be worn over any regular outfit. 

With CE-level 2 SEEFLEX and SEESOFT, and nearly unnoticeable CE-level 1 SEESMART impact protection integrated into the suit, the AA-safety rated Paramount GTX provides a high-tech riding outfit – and a riding experience like no other. 

Riding is your prerogative, and with the Paramount GTX you can. Ride. Always.

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