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Lamina GTX LadiesAdventure is always a possibility with Lamina GTX Ladies. It’s an ever-present opportunity. A chance to discover something new, beyond the average. To venture past what you previously thought was possible and to immerse yourself, fully experiencing the richness and embracing the diversity of the world around us.And it’s right there. Yours to explore.
LAMINA GTX LADIES JACKET & PANTSFemale-specific, high-end, all-season, adventure travel outfit with laminated GORE-TEX

Starting with a blank sheet of paper, the Lamina GTX Ladies is our new, essential women’s adventure travel outfit, engineered specifically for the female physique.

Jacket available in Blue and Grey-Black
Pants available in Black-Anthracite

Designed by dialogue

Designed by dialogue and based on critical feedback from our most demanding female ambassadors on the ADV scene, the Lamina GTX Ladies raises the bar on adventure travel outfits with a whole new female-focused pattern, fit, and style.

“I don't owe anyone, and I don’t have toprove anything to anyone either.”- Thalassa van Beek, REV’IT! Rider
NEW FEMALE-FOCUSED PATTERN AND FITA blank-sheet design come to life

The experienced and skilled women of our Design and R&D departments stepped it up to assure a perfect fit. The result of that detail-driven development provides you with all the necessary comfort to leave your comfort zone and a built-in confidence to go out and explore like never before.

Physically built around the female body, the Lamina GTX Ladies outfit is truly a blank-sheet design come to life. 


Enabling you to ride as you like and go where you feel, Lamina GTX Ladies outfit is constructed from premium, laminated GORE-TEX, with its trademarked GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™ promise to count on when things get wet.

In keeping the Lamina GTX Ladies comfortably light, we’ve applied two-layered laminates where possible and three-layered laminate where needed, with a high-end, fully waterproof, TIZIP® zipper sealing the deal – and the jacket – on robust and breathable waterproofing. 

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VENTILATED PANEL BEHIND MAIN ZIPPERSecret weapon to beat the heat

There are simply always goals left to achieve, dream destinations to discover, and no one wants to wait out the weather. Adding a high dose of cross-climate versatility, we’ve equipped the Lamina GTX Ladies with strategically positioned ventilation throughout to keep your cool when adventure heats up. 

Think zipped ventilation along the upper arms and the thighs, with exhaust vents around the back to prevent the garments from puffing and letting the airflow guide warm air out. 

However, its secret weapon to beat the heat is a clever, ventilating panel behind the jacket’s main TIZIP® zipper. Zipped up separately, the 35-millimeter-wide ventilation panel opens up to let fresh air flood in without actually undoing the jacket and compromising safety.

Layer to your specific needs – on and off bike

The outdoor community’s age-old philosophy of layering is leaving its mark on adventure motorcycling, and the Lamina GTX Ladies is designed with layering in mind. The philosophy is simple; wear the layers you need only when you need them and remove them when you don’t. 

The Lamina GTX Ladies provides a waterproof GORE-TEX outer shell, and you select the base layer and mid layer you’re going to need. Just stack your temperature-regulating layers to your specific needs for the day’s ride, keeping you comfortable and well protected from the elements. 

Layering’s inherent versatility also extends beyond the ride. A good insulating mid layer jacket will keep you warm even after dismounting, by the campfire, or when you’re enjoying your coffee on a chilly morning at your campsite.

ECHELON GTXLadies first, gentlemen…

Of course, with all these innovations in features and technology, and the fresh new style direction of the Lamina GTX Ladies, the arrival of a men's outfit with similar appeal, features, and esthetics was bound to happen. Ladies first, gentlemen. But then it's time to meet the Echelon GTX.

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