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The Heritage Innovation Footwear Collection

Made For More Than Just Riding

Meet the motorcycle footwear styles inspired by classics but with the protection of today and tomorrow. Complement your riding wardrobe from your feet up.
Style Meets Comfort and Safety

The “icons from the past” were typically made for comfort and durability, but quickly became a way to allow wearers to express themselves in their own individual style and attitude. Nowadays, these type of boots are a common item in street fashion and are equally popular with outdoor enthusiasts.

So the style and comfort were already there, we added the safety aspect - motorcycle protection to be more specific. Sticking to our Tailored Technology credo, we developed several archetype silhouettes, but with all the armor cleverly integrated.

Styles For Miles

We believe that your outfit reflects your personality, whether it’s your everyday casual wear or motorcycle gear that protects you from the streets.

For that reason, you’ll find an extensive lineup of jackets and jeans, for both men and women, in our Heritage Innovation Collection. And just like the boots, every item is infused with safety technology under its skin.

Heritage Innovation Collection
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