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The Metropolitan Commuter Collection

Expressive. Protective. Waterproof. The Metropolitan Commuter collection is a true reflection of the different design-focused dress codes found in the urban landscape. Whether you’re into muted hues, or vibrant colors that hold their own against a grey backdrop, or patterns that are as bold as you are, know that your style – and safety – are accounted for every time you get on two wheels. Find out what connects the Shade H2O, Shade H2O Ladies, and Traffic H2O jackets, but also what sets them apart from the rest.
Motorcycle GearInspired By Fashion
Waterproof protection for fashion-conscious female riders.

Because style matters. And sometimes less is more. We hear you. Created specifically for the women who navigate the city streets on two wheels who want protection against the road - and the elements - but also a fit and design that matches their personality. Dress it up or down. Regardless of what Mother Nature is doing.

Shade H2O Ladies Jacket
Ride Protected.Move Confidently.
Traffic H2O Jacket
Be as bold or as understated as you want to be. 

This is for the youthful, style-centric riders. You don’t need to shout out that you’re wearing protective and waterproof motorcycle clothing. It’s for those seeking the right style, armor, and that hint of color that expresses who they are as a person, but doesn’t limit them to being one thing or another. It’s where versatility isn’t a tall order but rather part of its genetic makeup. Ride safe against the pitfalls of the city but also move confidently, knowing you’re in good hands.

Shade H2O Jacket
Kriega x REV’IT!
The new backpack collection

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