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Two New REV’IT! Riders

Women’s Adventure Motorcycle Team | Meet two new additions to our team.

Fresh Faces

Join the REV’IT! Women’s Adventure Team. Get to know the two new additions to our growing team of female motorcycle adventurers for 2022.
Adventurous Women 

Meet Odessa Winter and Golnoosh Namazi. Two new members to the fold. These two now join Erika, Amelia, Jenna, and Kris, making it the largest Women’s Adventure Team roster in our books since its inception in 2017.

We are also crossing borders! For the first time, we have Canadian member, who adds an international element to this group of pioneering women, blazing trails for anyone who wants to get off the beaten path and enjoy life on two wheels.

The Team’s Foundation

The aim of the REV’IT! Women’s Adventure Team? To highlight and focus on the female contributions to the adventure motorcycle segment. Its members and their pursuits have always served as an extension of the REV’IT! mission: Inspire to Ride. Providing valuable feedback while field testing our women’s gear, the team is also vital to developing and ever-improving our product offerings in the female adventure segment.

We encourage and support our #revitriders to attend community events, explore the backcountry, and everything in between to show the world what is possible when a positive attitude meets determination and passion, regardless of one’s identity or perceived limitations. Just as our current and past Women’s Team members, our two new additions encompass these ideals, all in their own unique styles. We sat with them to talk about their motorcycling journey, the adventure riding community, and what joining the ADV Team means to them.

Meet the New Women’s Team Members
Washington DC, USAOdessa Winter

A beer brewer by profession based out of Washington DC, Odessa had just set off on a year-long cross-country ride when she first applied for the REV’IT! Women’s Adventure Team. Newer to motorcycling compared to some other riders, her tenacity and drive helped her to dive head first (she’s a scuba diver as well) into motorcycle exploration and share her love for ADV riding with the rest of her community.

How did you discover adventure riding?

Odessa: "When I started riding motorcycles three years ago, I really went full throttle. I only had my motorcycle license for two weeks before going to Southeast Asia and renting the biggest bike I could find while traveling in Thailand. And then, right after that, I spent some time on a dirt bike in Laos, which ultimately led to both my first wreck, and my first water crossing. Obviously I was hooked at that point, so upon my return to the US, I purchased my first adventure bike, and set off on a fourteen-week trek across the US and Canada."

How did you find out about the Women’s Team?

Odessa: "After coming back from my SE Asia travels, I heard of the REV’IT! Women’s Adventure Team for the first time, and was so happy to discover inspiring like-minded women out there. Eager to learn their stories, I began following all the team members online, and was even happier to find they were open with advice, encouragement, and friendship when I reached out to them on social media."

What does joining the Women’s Adventure Team mean to you?

Odessa: "One of the best parts of adventure riding is the motorcycle community, and joining the REV’IT! Women’s ADV Team allows me to contribute more to that community by inspiring other women with my own riding story, connecting with riders that I admire, and now helping those that reach out to me, the way I did to the REV’IT! Women’s Team members when I was a new rider. So here I am again, on another crazy cross-country motorcycle journey, but this time as a member of a team of amazing women who inspire me, as I hope to inspire others. I look forward to exploring more of the west via the various Backcountry Discovery Routes for this region, attending events as things start to open back up, and hopefully meeting more adventure riders as I go."

British Columbia, CanadaGolnoosh Namazi

Calling Northwest Canada her home, Golnoosh (or just “G” to her friends) lives in a small British Columbia community surrounded by vast wilderness and seemingly endless backroads. A natural outdoorswoman, when not pursuing her passions in non-profit or out riding, G spends her time hiking with her dog, kayaking, snowmobiling, and other methods of exploring her boundless backyard. While she currently rides both on pavement and off-road on adventure bikes, her interests didn’t always focus on dual sport riding…

Tell us about how you got into adventure riding

Golnoosh: "I began riding in 2015, starting out only interested in riding on the street. Believe it or not, at the time, my ultimate motorcycling goal was owning a big custom chopper one day. I was already 100% a lover of the outdoors, so when a friend introduced me to adventure riding, I was totally hooked. After that, I left my chopper dreams in the dust and didn’t look back. Pretty soon, I found myself on moto trips every single weekend. It was amazing but it quickly led me to realize that I had to move out of the city if I wanted to live the lifestyle I was dreaming about."

That must’ve been quite a drastic change

Golnoosh: "Yeah it was definitely a significant adjustment, but completely worth it now that I have access to all this nature in my backyard. It’s beautiful, and I am totally grateful for every opportunity I get to be out on the land. It allows me to live in vast surroundings and experience things in a way I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. I truly feel lucky being out here and knowing that I might never have discovered any of the things I love, especially motorcycling, if I had grown up in Iran, where I was born."

What do you think about being the first international team member?

Golnoosh: "It’s exciting to join the team as the only Canadian! I hope I can inspire more women and minorities to get out there on two wheels, regardless of their background. I’m also looking forward to a few trips, both across Canada and in the US, that have been delayed because of the pandemic. I’m especially looking forward to riding north of the Arctic Circle to Tuktoyaktuk, and also riding south of the border to join my new REV’IT! teammates for some amazing adventures!"

In Other News

Aside from the addition of these two new members, another rider is departing the team to pursue new adventures. Katelyn Barnecut, who joined the Women’s Team in 2019, is moving overseas and can no longer continue her ambassadorship.

Katelyn: “I have appreciated being a part of the REV’IT! Women’s Adventure Team and all the amazing opportunities that it brought. While I will miss my fellow team members and the fantastic adventure riding community in America, I will continue to wear my REV’IT! gear and look forward to future adventures.”

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