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Augusto Fernández
Augusto Fernández is the kind of rider that needs to build momentum – in his races and in his career - but once he gets up to speed, the Spaniard is hard to catch and even harder to beat.

A realist with an intelligent and practical approach to racing, Augusto Fernández is the kind of rider who does not shy away from hard work in realizing his potential. Fernández has come a long way since his father, Augusto Senior, bought him his first bike when he was six years old. 

Not following the traditional trajectory of coming up through lighter GP classes on the way up to MotoGP, Fernández turned to production-based race classes to kickstart his career. Crowned the European Junior Cup Champion in 2014, the Madrid-born Mallorcan moved his way up and up until he truly found his groove in the Moto2 World Championship in 2019 – taking his first three Grand Prix victories. 

Biding his time in a minor performance slump over the following seasons, Fernández proved his worth by fighting his way back to claim 2022 Moto2 World Championship glory and finally achieved his childhood dream of racing in MotoGP.

NationalitySpanishRace classMotoGP World ChampionshipMotorcycleTech3 GasGas Factory Racing – GasGas RC16#revitrider since2019
  • 2014 European Junior Cup Champion

  • 2022 Moto2 World Champion


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