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Race gloves buying guide
Find your perfect performance-focused riding gloves
Whether on track or on the road, these are our go-to gloves for sporty road riders and track-day enthusiasts alike. Discover the race gloves that fit you and your style.

Made to do so much more than keep your hands safe from harm, race gloves are very specific bits of gear. With an extended cuff to assure 360 degree-coverage and hard parts that promote sliding and prevent snagging, race gloves are above all about offering the right amounts of grip, feedback, and handlebar feel. 

Get up to speed on our collection of sporty riding, performance-focused gloves and discover the ideal pair to suit your riding needs.

GLOVES JEREZ 3MotoGP-spec racing gloves for the most demanding track day rider and amateur racer

We mean it when we tell the world our Jerez 3 gloves are MotoGP spec. You are looking at production versions of the actual racing gloves we tailor to the hands of our professional #revitriders in top-class world championship series the world over. The Jerez 3 gloves offer the perfect balance between light weight, feel-focused design, and the highest possible levels of range of motion and protection. 

Available in five colors: Black, Light Grey-Black, Black-White, Red-Black, and Neon Yellow-Black

Ready for street and track

If you’re looking for gloves with sporty credentials without going all-out MotoGP in terms of style and spec, there is more to discover in our race gloves collection. Built on similar requirements and with ample tech to keep both confidence and comfort up, these gloves offer less of the extreme and more of the practical, making them perfectly suited to both sporty riding on the road and going for it on track.

GLOVES LEAGUE 2Leather, track-ready glove with TPU hard-shell protection

In terms of their technical resume, the League 2 gloves are close to our top-tier, developed-for-MotoGP glove offering. However, the League 2 have been purposely toned down in the materialization and componentry department – think cowhide instead of kangaroo leather. To offer near-identical performance and fit at a more affordable price without lacking in either safety or style.

Available in two colors: Black-Grey and Black-Neon Red

The Alternatives

Each equipped with the kind of protection that offers peace of mind when you pick up the pace on the road or on the closed circuits – hard knuckle protection and palm sliders are a must – there’s still a lot to choose from in our extensive race gloves collection, thanks to varied styling, weight, overall specs, and ventilation levels. 

GLOVES XENA 3 LADIESFull-spec leather sport gloves for track enthusiasts

Even though we do apply specific, smaller, hardshell armor exclusively to our women’s gloves, simply sizing gloves down to cater to the anatomy of the female hand will not do. That is why we’ve crafted our Xena 3 Ladies gloves from initial cut to final seam specifically for the ladies, with top-tier protective prowess and features sewn into the supple and feedback-enhancing goatskin and sturdy cowhide-leather construction.

Available in two colors: Black-Grey and Black-White

Check out all our gloves collections
If you’re not tied to gloves from the realm of motorsports, we’ve got plenty more options in our wider range of gloves collections to discover.

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