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The Track Day Buying Guide
Go faster. Here’s how.

Everything we can do to guarantee a motorcyclists' safety, we will do it. Whether your goal is to try to beat a previous lap time or if you want to learn how to get your knee down, we have the right race gear for you. Keep reading to find out about our selection of track day essentials.

Where it all Started

In 2008, we entered the world's premier motorcycle championship: MotoGP. Coming from sponsoring riders that were competing in Dutch championships, we have to honestly say, our learning curve was steep.

Thorough research, testing, and preparation resulted in starting the season in a confident manner. Thanks to - and still true today - #revitrider Randy de Puniet, we started this journey into developing suits for our professional riders and translating them into products that are available to you.

What a professional rider is wearing in the most demanding conditions possible is a crucial factor in its performance. If a product is good enough for our MotoGP and WorldSBK riders, then it will definitely offer you all the safety, comfort, and performance that you are looking for during a track day.

Scorpio One-Piece Suit

Meet our top-tier, most technical one-piece suit we’ve engineered for track day riders around the world. Ever. The Scorpio. A direct descendant of MotoGP. If you want to feel a part of what our MotoGP riders are experiencing in the most extreme conditions on track, here’s your chance.

The Scorpio one-piece suit will be your perfect teammate. Made of kangaroo leather, this lightweight suit is airbag and track ready. With stretch in all the right places, smart ventilation points, and the best level of protectors you can get, you can’t get any closer to what the pro riders are wearing outside of this suit.

Jerez 3 Gloves

At your fingertips you have the stuff the pro riders have helped to develop. Meet the Jerez 3 gloves. Covered in our unique forged carbon print, these hand protectors have been tried and tested in just about any type of crash you can think of. And they’ve constantly been pushed to and beyond their limits.
Made from extremely strong, highly abrasion-resistant kangaroo leather, top-spec armor all around, and infused with PWR|Yarn and seams that are rerouted to less vulnerable areas, you can now enjoy your lap around the track with no distractions. In full comfort. And, of course, full throttle.

Hyperspeed One-Piece Suit

Meet our Hyperspeed one-piece; engineered on the premise of providing riders with both protection and freedom of movement. This richly detailed suit offers a one-off style to those wanting to look the part when going out on track or riding on the streets.

With technical features that have trickled down from MotoGP, and an angular yet recognizable REV’IT! design, you will stand out on the track. When the heat is on and body temperatures goes up, the race-fit Hyperspeed will be there to keep you cool and comfortable.

League Gloves

These gloves are in a League of their own. No pun intended! They’re racing-derived without going full-spec. The League gloves offers the same vibe as the Jerez 3 gloves, but this time, we have chosen for full TPU knuckles and cuff parts and no finger knuckles.

Different needs for different goals, but still with everything required to rev it up to your max. The League offers a true racing glove feel, as well as race-ready protection to a broader audience. If you are looking for hand protection that is race DNA based but more accessible, then these might just be the fit for you.

Quantum 2 One-Piece Suit

One of the most important skills to master on track is to hit your apexes. You’re on a closed course for that exact reason. To hone your skills and start looking for and pushing your limits. We’ve done our part by sorting the lines out on the Quantum 2 one-piece suit.

In terms of their specs, the Hyperspeed and Quantum 2 one-piece suits are similar, but the aesthetics of the Quantum 2 has its own expressive identity. Detail-focused ergonomics and strategically placed perforation will make the Quantum 2 feel like a second skin. No time for distractions. You’re there to go around the track as fast and smoothly as possible.

Quantum 2 Gloves

Keep your confidence up with the Quantum 2 gloves. A solid, trustworthy, and lightweight companion of the Quantum 2 one-piece suit. With race-spec elements and the right protection in all the right places.

These gloves offer riders freedom of movement and more fluid transactions through the handlebars. Everything designed to master your skills on and off the track.

Xena 3 Ladies One-Piece Suit

We’ve been telling you all about the extensive research we’ve done and the feedback that we’ve received from our riders in MotoGP and WorldSBK to make our race collection that much stronger. We do this for everyone. Especially for our fast female riders.

The Xena 3 Ladies one-piece is built on the foundation of racing DNA. It’s a technical, track day one-piece suit complete with a forged carbon print and top-tier armor that has been specifically designed and engineered for women who push their limits above and beyond.

Xena 3 Ladies Gloves 

Being in control at speed is a must. Especially when it comes to opening and releasing the throttle at the right moment.

The Xena 3 Ladies gloves have been designed with a female-specific fit and offer all the protection you need to hit the track with maximum speed, maximum safety, and maximum performance.

The Race Collection
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