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How to Keep Cool When the Track Heats Up

Stay Fresh. Ride Harder.

Skyrocketing temperatures at the track shouldn’t hinder you from putting your fastest lap times down. We’re here to help keep you cool.
Set Yourself Up for Success

Hyperthermia. Fatigue. Dizziness. Cramping. All things riders do not want to experience at the track. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are, and we want you to go further, but that can’t happen if you’re overheating. Your body’s cooling mechanism can only be pushed so far. That’s why our racetrack-ready undersuits and one-piece suits have been engineered with features to help you keep your cool.

When designing these performance garments, we know how important it is to make sure you have all the right safety features in place, but also the necessary cooling characteristics, too. Here’s how we help take you to the next level of riding, even on the hottest days.

Supersonic Undersuit –Your First Layer of Defence

When you think about layering up on a hot day, it sounds counterintuitive. Logically speaking, you’d probably want to shed them rather than add them. But not all layers are created equally. And not all will help you succeed in beating the heat – and your lap times! That’s why we created the performance-oriented Supersonic undersuit. This moisture-managing base layer is engineered with a 3D roundknit construction along with a synthetic material laced with Lycra® (for stretch and comfort) that has been strategically used to help draw perspiration away from the body, allowing it to evaporate quicker, and to help keep you from overheating.

Incorporated thumb loops, under-foot straps, and an opening at the upper back makes sure you can easily slip it on and that it sits in the proper position when riding. Best of all, the feeling of sticky leather against your skin will be a thing of the past. Wearing the Supersonic undersuit is your first line of defence against the heat and, in our opinion, a track day must-have. It could be the simplest solution you need to help you get to the next level. And stay cool while doing it. Additionally, for those riders who find themselves in more extreme heat (over 77°F/ 25°C), we’ve also developed the Excellerator undersuit. Layer up and feel how comfortable you can be.

Perfectly PerforatedPerfectly Perforated Performance Leather

When you’re putting down lap after lap, you want to make sure you’re getting the air you need to keep you from overheating. Whether you’re new to the track or a seasoned pro, whether you’re sitting more upright or you’re in your most aerodynamic tuck position, we make sure you can feel the breeze.

Each suit has its own inclusion of perforation at these possible locations: the lower back, lower front, sides, upper arms, upper back, upper front, and legs. Air inlets can also be found at the shoulder. Having perforation at the right places is just one piece of the whole keeping-you-cool puzzle.

Ventilation at the Right Spots

Depending on which one-piece suit is your circuit companion, it might include ventilation panels at these locations: on the speed hump, lower arms, lower legs, shoulders, upper arms, lower back, lower front. Strategically placed ventilation points have been thought out and carefully located to make sure you can get the most out your hot riding days at the track.

We’ve also included our proprietary PWR|Fuse material at the upper back of some one-pieces to give you an extra hit of air. This feature allows ventilation where ventilation wouldn’t normally be possible (thanks to the open structure), but to add an extra dimension of functionality. The architecturally strong composition allows us to create pattern/shapes that are exclusive to our collection and allows for full freedom of regular movement.

Multi-Functional Mesh 

We use the abrasion-resistant 3D air mesh fabric at carefully selected areas across our one-piece suits. While it might seem self-explanatory as to the reason, this strong material not only helps keep riders feeling the breeze but also helps keep them safe in the event that they’ve pushed too hard.

Working with the top riders in the world has taught us few things. Through that knowledge, we can engineer performance-driven one-piece suits that help direct as much air to you in the right zones as possible. So you can enjoy learning and lapping in comfort, no matter how hot it gets.

A Hydration Station in Your Speed Hump

It’s no secret that the summer months bring soaring temperatures. Couple that with the black asphalt of a track, and the sheer physicality of riding at top speeds, and the mental aspect to stay focused, and well, things heat up really quickly. And you sweat. A lot. That said, the pit doesn’t have to be your only hydration station. Bring your H2O or electrolyte drink onto the track with you.

In some of our one-piece suits, you’ll find the VCS|Speed Hump that comes prepared for a hydra bag (VCS stands for Ventilation Control System). The ventilated speed hump has an air inlet at the top, and the perforated foam inside is designed to let air flow through the garment, spreading over the rider’s back for comfortable ventilation. Extra cooling of the area is especially beneficial now that riders are wearing back protectors more and more – and now, with a hydra bag inside, riders can keep hydrated during races and rides. Win-win.

Select Your Suit

Get maximum airflow – or perhaps less airflow if you tend to ride in cooler temperatures – so your next track day is what you’ve always dreamed it would be. Whether you are a first-timer or someone who frequents the circuit, stay cool, comfortable, and in control regardless of the heat. Your next one-piece and undersuit awaits.

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