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Get Out & Go
The REV’IT! Tech Fashion Collection

Escape Compromise

With the Tech Fashion collection, your favorite hoody, sweatshirt, jeans, or high-top sneakers (or all of the above) are also the protective pieces you can wear when you throw your leg over your bike. How’s that possible? We’ll explain.

motorcycle hoody, motorcycle sweatmotorcycle hoody, motorcycle sweat
Hypothetical Versus Reality

What if you could just hop on your motorcycle and go? Picture this… you’re relaxing at home in your favorite sweatshirt and jeans, when your riding buddies shoot you a text to come hang at the local riding spot. And just like that, in the next breath, you’re off like a bullet on your scrambler just by tossing on a pair of gloves and strapping on a helmet.

You don’t have to think twice about changing to stay protected, or what the road may have in store for you around the next bend. You’re always ready. Just hop on and go. This is the new REV’IT! Tech Fashion Collection, where hypothetical questions/situations turn into reality.

motorcycle hoody	motorcycle hoody
Any wear. Anytime.

We’re not suggesting that you forego your technically sound personal protection equipment in favor of standard casual wear. Not at all. What we’re saying is that you don’t have to choose between your favorite hoody, jeans, or sneakers to be protected on your motorcycle. Have the best of both abrasion and impact resistant gear plus comfortable, stylishly cut clothing, anywhere. Anytime.

The new REV’IT! Cedar hoody - for example - was created by our design lab to withstand the limits of AA rated CE safety testing (EN17092-3:2020 garment standard) for uncompromising cut, tear, and abrasion-resistance in a full-stretch fabric. This enables us to create a standout piece with a fashion-forward fit that is not only comfortable but one that can also perform at the levels riders need when out on the road.

motorcycle sweatmotorcycle sweat
Ride Wild with Peace of Mind

With casual looks paired with the same incredible comfort and safety features as the Cedar hoody (minus the hood!), the Whitby sweater is a 100% motorcycle-ready garment. With the same CORDURA® construction, this is a sweatshirt all about being that go-to piece in your closet that you’re going to wear all day long and not worry about what the road may throw your way.

The Whitby comes equipped with the same ultra-thin SEESMART™ armor at the shoulders and elbows as its Cedar hoody sibling, as well as the same option to add our SEESOFT™ CE-level 2 back protector insert for full peace of mind.

Full of Tech in a Skinny Fit

Denim culture meets motorcycle technology in our new Tech Fashion Collection jeans. We blend the styles, silhouettes, and effortless cool of skinny-fit jeans with our expertise in crafting top-performing riding apparel. Pair the Jackson SK jeans with a leather jacket from the Heritage Innovation lineup, or go full Tech Fashion and rock the skinny jeans + performance sweatshirt combo with a Whitby sweater and a pair of our road-ready sneakers. You’ll have highly abrasion-resistant 13oz. CORDURA® DENIM with a deep black wash regardless of outfit decisions. It doesn’t matter how you pair it, and that’s the point: it’s your choice. Your expression of style, unbounded by the constraints of an unprotected, zero safety tech wardrobe.

Flexibility is still key when defining your personal style, and with denim, that means color, wash, and the actual softness of the garment. The REV’IT! Piston SK jeans give you that and more, with a slightly lighter weight 12.5oz. CORDURA® DENIM in three different washes. You get the same protection of the SEESMART™ CE-level 1 armor found in the all-black Jackson SK jeans but with a bit more flexibility in wardrobe palette (i.e. different colorways) and a lighter denim’s mechanical stretch.

A Higher Standard

We see the most beautiful custom scramblers, head-turning dirt bikes, and super tricked-out sport naked motorcycles ridden by those wearing pedestrian footwear with almost no structure. All the time. Yikes. For many motorcyclists, armored, protective, and technical riding shoes are all but an afterthought. Not for us, though. It’s our job to think about it constantly.

Understanding a need for great-looking, protective riding sneakers with a subtle but well-applied pop of color, a solid profile, and of course riding AND walking comfort (thanks to OrthoLite® X40 cushion insoles) we give you the 2021 REV’IT! Tech Fashion Shoe Collection.

High-top versatility

Built with a mix of oiled suede, perforated synthetic leather and washed canvas, classic high-top vibes meet urban motorcycle-centric design in the Pacer shoes. We wanted to make sure that you look your best and stay safe at the same time thanks to the Pacer’s versatile color combination. Never leave home without them.

On-trend for years to come

We looked to high fashion to see what direction it was going in. Then we took that information and ran with it; creating our own variation of streetstyle sneakers that are road-ready. Made using soft nubuck leather and 3D air mesh, it’s a union of a fashion-contemporary shoe silhouette and riding tech. Meet the Astro shoes.

Live life unfiltered

At the heart of the Filter shoes lies its sole. With its own personality, it demonstrates just how to balance a punch of color with a classy yet fashion-inspired sneaker. We then pair two leathers together, suede and resilient nubuck, to up its safety game. It’s a style and statement all on its own. Get noticed.

motorcycle hoody	motorcycle hoody
Glove Style for Miles

While gloves may not be the first things others notice about a rider’s outfit, it’s definitely one of the most important elements that equate to a positive riding experience. It’s also a discrete way to accent a dynamic outfit. We’ve got all your fingers covered, all year round, with unique graphic designs in the warm-weather Kinetic Gloves, plus the three-season Spectrum and Spectrum Ladies Gloves.

motorcycle sweat	motorcycle sweat

On par with the urban biker-meets-streetwear style of our new Tech Fashion Collection, not only do you get the safety and useability of the REV’IT! hand protection technology, but there are 11 unique colorway options across these 3 gloves variations. With a digital print, camouflage, and even animal-print inspired visual patterns, you’ll be able to pair an uncompromising combo in both safety and style with your riding outfit. Warm or cold weather. Loud or subtle.

All Tech’d Out

It’s nice when you don’t have to choose one thing over another; safety over style and vice versa. With the Tech Fashion Collection, you’re ready to ride from the get-go. Choose the pieces that speak to you and never look back.

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