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The Ride Of A LifetimeAt REV’IT!, we are always looking for ways to inspire to ride. However, inspiring is one thing, actually getting you out there is something else altogether. That’s why we are joining forces with MOTOURISMO; to lower that threshold and offer you the perfect tool to help you plan and book the ride of a lifetime.
Off You Go – Almost

Let’s face it, planning a motorcycle trip can be an incredibly time-consuming ordeal. Time spent endlessly scouring the Internet could be much better spent on the bike. And that’s where MOTOURISMO comes in.

Think of MOTOURISMO’s platform as the online travel agency for motorcycle travel, gathering a wide variety of motorcycle tours, riding courses, and motorcycle shipping in an easily accessible format. Choose your preferred destination, when you plan on setting off, and when you would like to return home, and off you go – almost!

Go Out and Make the Most of the Ride
MOTOURISMO is a startup from Hamburg, Germany that’s expanding their offerings in rapid fashion, every day adding new destinations, new tours, and new adventures that await, across the globe. Don’t worry about less-than-ideal lodgings or unexpectedly closed routes. The platform MOTOURISMO built relies heavily on local knowledge – whether through tour guides, instructors, or the accommodation personnel – assuring everyone involved provides the most up-to-date and relevant information.

It’s the attention to detail and purposeful execution of the plan that makes MOTOURISMO a perfect partner for us at REV’IT!. Constantly making sure you’re fed the inspiration to ride and then relying on our partners to make sure you can go out and make the most of that ride.

Hop On

To give you insight into the kind of adventures you can expect from the MOTOURISMO x REV’IT! partnership, experienced motorcycle travelers and vloggers Eglė Gerulaitytė and Lennart Vonk have been piecing together videos and blogs, taking you along for the ride as the MOTOURISMO Scouts. Hop on the back and ride along on their adventures on MOTOURISMO’s blog section.

Discover more

Discover more on the vlogs and find out just how easy it is to work with MOTOURISMO to organize the ride you’ve always dreamed of making by hitting the link below and follow us on Instagram for more inspiring content.