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A collaboration in rider safety

“While we approach our respective rider communities very differently, REV’IT! and Alpinestars have a lot in common. We both work toward contributing to rider safety and with the Avertum Tech-Air® airbag vest, we’re able to provide our riders with the freedom to ride – on all types of motorcycles in a vast variety of situations, both on and off road.”

Guido Kreijkamp -
Product Development Director


Watching your every move and watching your back, Avertum Tech-Air® effortlessly blends into life on two wheels like it will effortlessly fit under your regular riding jacket, because we believe assuring rider safety should always be supportive, never intrusive. Its protective prowess is ever present and ever ready but remains at an inconspicuous standby until called upon.

FROM MOTOGP TO THE STREETSIn pursuit of excellence

The Avertum Tech-Air® wasn’t conceived overnight. It is the culmination of over twenty years of airbag technology research in motorcycling’s most extreme arena, being taken to the limits on the backs of MotoGP riders, acquiring critical data with every single outing on track. 

“We take great pride in our rigorous approach to testing in pursuit of excellence. Through our own experience working with our #revitriders in MotoGP, we’ve been able to take Alpinestars’ Tech-Air® technology through its paces. Our riders trust us to meet their highest demands and we found that Tech-Air® meets all our requirements to integrate the technology into our road-ready Avertum Tech-Air®.” 

Davide Amorim -
Design Engineer

VALUE-ADDED DESIGNDesign, Performance, and Innovation

Led by our guiding principles of Design, Performance, and Innovation, we incorporate each of these three elements into our every product, including in the materialization of the Avertum Tech-Air®. Designed to offer premium feel and appealing esthetics. Engineered to be extremely breathable and lightweight – seamlessly blending into your riding outfit. Crafted to assure continued confidence and comfort. Function and form are never mutually exclusive and Avertum Tech-Air® is by no means an exception to the rule.

More than just good looks

The sleek exterior of Avertum Tech-Air® tells only half the story.

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