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Once you get out there, everything tends to fall away. And it’s out there that the DIRT Series allows you to mix-and-match its wide range of garment solutions to weather all conditions, and to do it with style.  Eye-opening possibilities are out there to find, if you only just throw your leg over two wheels and look.
Fit for adventure
All conditions adventure gear

Discover the DIRT Series; a highly focused off-road collection consisting of extremely lightweight and comfortable garments in a technical modular system; each fit for purpose and certainly all fit for adventure.

Inspired by the utilitarian looks and fully functional appeal of outdoor gear, the modern and progressive design of the DIRT Series focuses around offering on-point riding comfort and confidence-inspiring protection during active adventure riding. Off the road and on the trails – in all conditions.

Smart modularity to weather all conditions

Based on a modular layering system, the DIRT Series offers a new kind of flexibility in assembling the ideal adventure riding outfit that suits you, your style, the weather conditions at hand, and the kind riding you’re into. 

However, safety always takes center stage. Though each of the DIRT Series garments comes equipped with CE-level 1 armor as standard, the collection is designed to be worn over a protection vests, elbow guards, and knee armor when you do leave the tarmac for the dirt. Simply slip out the SEESMART protectors and slip into your off-road armor.

Then it’s time to select the gear that matches your wants and needs, to create the ultimate outfit that’s tailored to your riding style, environment, and climate. And with a variety of sophisticated hues and progressive color options you can establish your own, entirely unique look.

CONTINENT JACKET + CONTINENT PANTS + CONTINENT GLOVESFrom long-sleeve windbreaker to sleeveless off-road bodywarmer in moments

With delicate yet durable, stretchy softshell fabric and rugged CORDURA®  ripstop along the extremities, the Continent jacket is all about contrasts – and not just from an esthetics point of view. A fully functional windbreaker jacket first, the Continent jacket is just two zippers and a snap button away from transforming it into a lightweight, sleeveless off-road body warmer for when the trails heat up. 

And vice versa, of course, making the Continent jacket the ideal two-stage garment to tackle riding at altitude or in other areas where temperatures are known to swing. Stay in charge, knowing you can count on the Continent jacket.

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BASE LAYERS + MID LAYERS In control no matter the weatherTake weatherproofing to the next level and up your layering game with our broad collection of base layers and mid layers to finetune your outfit. These technical layers are designed to aid body temperature regulation and made to layer, one on top of the other.  By peeling away or adding layers as the trails heat up or temperatures drop, you’re staying warm or keeping your cool. Either way, you remain firmly in control no matter the weather.

Expressive mix-and-match compatibility
BLACKWATER 2 H2O SMOCK + PENINSULA PANTSStand-out camo graphics for the standout off-road riding smock

If you’re into the Blackwater 2 H2O smock, you know you’re truly hooked on the outdoor vibe, and we completely understand. Fully waterproof and clever by design, the Blackwater 2 H2O is a take on the quintessential smock design, with progressive offroad-ready features and expressive graphics and modern color options to secure a true signature look.

Slip into the Blackwater 2 H2O with ease and bask in waterproof, active fitting riding comfort with adventure-ready amounts of pocket space – as a good smock should – and proof that style goes a long way, even when you haven’t seen roads for quite some time.


“When night falls before you hit camp, you lose light, but gain a new perspective. To power through or howl at the moon, the ride goes on.”

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TERRITORY JACKET + TERRITORY PANTSBreathability to claim the great outdoors as your turf

Following the well-known ADV motto of ‘light is right’, the featherweight, extremely well-ventilated Territory outfit is made up of almost entirely of lightweight mesh, with ripstop reinforcement strategically incorporated where wear and tear would occur and stretch exactly where you need it. 

To assure you keep a cool head – and body – to breeze on through when trails take a turn for the hot and dusty, and lay claim to the great outdoors as your turf. 

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COMPONENT 2 H2O JACKET + COMPONENT H2O PANTSStyle and substance greater than the sum of its highly capable parts

Form meets function in the fully waterproof Component 2 H2O. This hooded hard shell jacket design hits the spot in accommodating off-road adventure competence as well as the kind of purposeful good looks that inspire trail-traversing confidence. And let’s face it, once you’re out there both those traits will only make the ride that bit better. 

Fitted with a removable hood that doubles as a storm collar and a roomy, active fit as well as strategically positioned ventilation zippers, it’s the definitive go-to adventure offroad jacket in every of its durable fibers. 

“Once you start hitting all the puddles and your goggles are soaked, everybody having fun – like being a kid again. It’s something that only you and the friends you did it with can understand.”

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