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Timeless styles for modern-day motorcycle riders 
Heritage Innovation Collection
Age with beautyMeet the classics

In the world of motorcycle clothing, various styles come and go, but some evolve to be true classics. Stemming from a practical need, the leather motorcycle jacket is designed for the open road and has almost 100 years of heritage to its name. It’s a timeless essential that belongs in every rider’s wardrobe.

The Roamer 2 jacket

The Roamer 2 jacket’s understated appearance is a result of using premium quality leather, simple cut lines, and minimal branding together with CE-certified protection, and functionality in disguise. For those who want a future-proof motorcycling/fashion jacket with the longevity of classic style, look no further.

The beauty of a classic style leather jacket is that it’s versatile and can be worn whether you’re riding your bike or strolling across town on foot. The most classic approach is to wear it with your favorite pair of protective jeans and a plain white T-shirt, combined with a pair of sturdy-looking boots. Find out more about our classic styles of yesterday with the protective tech of today (and tomorrow!).

The Prometheus &

Meridian Ladies jackets

Fast-forward to the present day. We have taken our 25 years of experience and translated that into the best of retro cool with a modern twist.

The Prometheus and Meridian Ladies jackets are inspired by past style icons, but seamlessly integrate with tomorrow’s performance and safety technology.

The Glide Vintage jacket

The Glide Vintage mixes the true classics and the heritage-inspired retro jackets perfectly together into a style that brings the best of both worlds.

This crossover jacket has the ideal balance of visual performance and traditional style.

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Heritage Innovation Collection

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