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Street Ready. Casual Techwear.

The Tech Fashion Collection

Think comfort, the right amount of stretch, handy pockets all wrapped in a technical package. This is exactly what the Tech Fashion Collection is. Inspired by sportswear. Engineered for urban riding.
Parabolica OutfitA casual, technical, stretch mesh outfit.

Freedom of movement, minimalistic design, and built-in comfort. That perfectly sums up the Parabolica jacket and pants outfit. We took design inspiration from the kind of casual sportswear you probably already have in your closet.

Available 3 colors for the jacket and 1 color for the pants.

FIXED HOOD: The fixed hood highlights the casual nature of the jacket, both on and off the bike. A carefully placed snap button adds a practical touch, preventing the hood from blowing around when you ride.THUMB LOOPS: It’s not just about good looks or convenience. Thumb loops keep the sleeves in place when putting gloves on and make the jacket more weather resilient as cold air is less likely to blow up the sleeves when they’re tucked into the gloves.
Mix and Match: The Thorium TF motorcycle pants, Astro Ghost sneakers, and Kinetic gloves are also part of the Casual Techwear Collection designed to complement the Parabolica jacket.
Spark Air OutfitA matching, fully ventilated, mesh hooded softshell jacket and pants outfit.

It’s important to stay cool on a hot day. Especially when you’re riding. What you need is gear that both lets the air pass through to cool your body, with the reassurance that its protection will keep you safe in the streets. The Spark Air outfit will have you covered.

Available 2 colors for the jacket and 1 color for the pants.

FULL PROTECTION FOR RIDING. The Spark Air is engineered with PWR|Shell stretch material for freedom of movement and airflow, along with CE-rated protectors and reinforcements in the more vulnerable areas.

Mix and Match: Pair your Spark Air outfit with either the Parabolica pants or go all out with the Spark Air pants, Astro shoes, and Kinetic gloves.
Recap / Conclusion

Don’t settle for anything less than full flexibility and possibilities. For those looking for a clean-cut, comfortable, and ventilated - yet affordable - outfit for city riding, we have the answer. Get out there. Anytime.

The Tech Fashion Collection
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