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Riding Accessories

Riding Accessories Riding Accessories
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Riding Accessories

If clothes make the man, then surely accessories make the outfit. And that’s exactly what our riding accessories collection is aimed at; to add more practicality, safety, and comfort to complement and complete your motorcycle riding outfit. To make sure you’re not left wanting, our collection of riding accessories features all sorts of products, tailored to specific needs and situations.


Keeping the cold out in an area that’s otherwise very much exposed to the elements, windcollars, tubes, and balaclavas have become a staple for any motorcyclist, proving how simple designs can be extremely effective. Depending on your needs, our collection offers the right amount of wind protection, heat retention, and breathability to keep you going when you’re facing serious headwinds.Ranging from our light and versatile paper-thin tubes, the slightly more rugged windcollars, right up to the no-nonsense cold-defeating balaclavas for when you’re really at odds with the cold, there’s always a fitting solution to keep you comfortable.Just like a windcollar or tube isn’t just about staying warm, neither are our socks. Our collection of motorcycle socks has one focus, and that’s adding comfort to your ride. Whether it’s our off-road geared socks engineered to reduce friction from protective knee braces, moisture-wicking socks for summer rides to keep you feeling fresh and cool, or our insulating cold weather socks to keep body heat from dissipating; look no further.


Our partnership with the motorcycle luggage experts at Kriega has allowed us to combine the renowned quality and practicality of Kriega’s motorcycle backpacks with our own distinct REV’IT! design. Our Kriega x REV’IT! backpacks vary from an easy-going 9-liter pack up to the go-anywhere 22-liter backpack. All our motorcycle backpacks are waterproof and rely on the innovative QUADLOC-LITE™ harness to transfer the load of the pack from the shoulders over to the upper back and chest, to prevent fatigue when you’re out riding. To add even more practicality, the entire Kriega x REV’IT! backpack range can be equipped with a Hydrapak® water supply, so you have up to 3.75 liters of drinking water onboard to keep you hydrated, and in effect, keep you going.


Wardrobe malfunctions aren’t ideal in any case, but when it comes to motorcycle clothing, it’s more than just a little discomfort or a minor inconvenience. A motorcycle jacket riding up your back or sagging motorcycle pants will leave you exposed to the elements, or potentially even put you in harm’s way. At REV’IT!, we believe dressing to the nines is a starting point, and we like to keep it that way. That’s why we’ve engineered the connection zipper-equipped Safeway Belt collection to zip your REV’IT! jeans or chinos to your motorcycle jacket. Similarly, our pants strappers are meant to help keep your motorcycle clothing in position, to keep you safe and keep you looking good.Nobody really likes a high visibility vest, and we get that. This bright neon-colored riding accessory is of course first and foremost intended to aid visibility and add safety. To make is unflatteringly practical accessory as stylish as we could, we set out to make our high visibility vest collection as technically advanced and purposefully good-looking as possible, by making them easy to put on and take off and by assuring they don’t obstruct ventilation or other features of your REV’IT! motorcycle jacket.

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