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Avertum Tech-Air® Airbag Service Request Form

Dear Avertum Tech-Air® airbag owner,

On this page, you can request service for your Avertum Tech-Air® airbag.


The process is easy and is as follows:

  1. Fill out the form below
  2. Send the airbag to us following the instructions that you’ll receive via the confirmation e-mail
  3. We’ll receive the airbag and send you a quotation and a payment link
  4. After the payment, we’ll service your airbag and send it back to you

Maintenance $ 104.95

Regular maintenance of the Avertum Tech-Air® airbag is recommended every two years or 500 hours of operation. Routine maintenance includes a comprehensive inspection to assess proper functionality and wear. Additionally, the Avertum Tech-Air® will undergo a thorough washing and cleaning process. Upon completing the inspection, the operation hours will be reset.


Service is required after each airbag deployment. Servicing of Avertum Tech-Air® airbag is divided into two levels:

Canister replacement service*  $ 189.95

Canister replacement service includes recharging the system’s inflation charges and integrity testing the airbag bladder. The airbag will not be washed and cleaned during the Canister replacement service.

Full recharge service$ 314.95

Full recharge service consists of an inspection, replacing both inflation charges, replacing the airbag bladder, and washing and cleaning treatment.

*Attention: Cannister replacement service only applies if 1) the airbag bladder passes integrity testing, and 2) the airbag bladder has been deployed no more than twice. If either of these conditions is not met, a Full recharge service is required instead.