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REV’IT! Rider Lorenzo Dalla Porta

REV’IT! Rider Lorenzo Dalla Porta

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

The motorsport season is now in full swing, but we’d still like to take a moment to look back at 2020, and even more so, to look ahead to the goals of 2021. Our lineup of riders is as promising as ever and we’re happy to run you through our mix of familiar and new faces as we present to you: Lorenzo Dalla Porta
Moto2 – ItaltransLorenzo Dalla Porta

Finishing as the winner of the Moto3 championship in 2019 ensured that expectations were high. Getting a seat on a team in Moto2 was a dream that Lorenzo Dalla Porta had worked hard for. A different bike, different riders to fight against, and a busy calendar. The challengers are there. But we believe in Lorenzo.

Always have and always will. We have all faced moments where we would have liked to see maybe a different end result. Looking at Lorenzo, we see a #revitrider that has learned a lot this year, grew as a professional rider, and as a person. In the end, energy and persistence conquers all things.

Looking Back

Lorenza says, “Last year was one of the most difficult seasons of my life, physically and mentally. I couldn’t find the right feeling with the bike and I believe that we need to improve a lot. For me, it has been a year of full of new experiences. Misano was the first time where I was able to bring home some points and where we made some good steps forward.”

We all have to deal with moments in our lives where we hoped things would have turned out in the way that we envisioned and worked hard for. Sometimes, it goes the complete opposite direction. A bitter pill to swallow for sure, but as with everything, this will only make us stronger. Lorenzo continues, “Well, last season… what a year. Of course, I am not happy with my performance. The pressure has never been a problem for me, but when I arrived in Moto2 as World Champion, and finished the season at the bottom of the standings, it’s quite a difficult result to accept.”

Looking Ahead

“Now it is time to focus this season,” Lorenzo adds. “My goal is to improve my results. After our test in Jerez, we found a good setup and we will start from there. I want to return on the top of the standings because we can do it! So full gas and let us enjoy it!”

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