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REV’IT! Rider Simone Corsi

REV’IT! Rider Simone Corsi

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

The motorsport season is now in full swing, but we’d still like to take a moment to look back at 2020, and even more so, to look ahead to the goals of 2021. Our lineup of riders is as promising as ever and we’re happy to run you through our mix of familiar and new faces as we present to you: Simone Corsi
Moto2 –  MV Agusta Forward RacingSimone Corsi

Meet Simone
An old acquaintance of us, Simone Corsi has become a proud REV’IT! shield carrier again. Due to COVID-19, and the restrictions that came along with it, this all suddenly resulted in many consecutive race weekends. A tough feat for any top-class athlete.

Apart from all the limits that were imposed, there was also plenty of room for beautiful moments. For example, he became the father for the first time, of a healthy son, Michael.

Looking Back

Simone recalls, “After Qatar, I thought the World Championship would stop. Instead, Dorna did a great job by changing the calendar around and arranging everything so well. It was not an easy for anyone. It was a strange season to say the least! But the season came to an end, we’re all healthy, and this is important.”

Looking Ahead

What are Simone’s thoughts on this season? He says, “I’m very excited about it. Certainly, when the new calendar came out and I read that the first race will be in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain. The goals are always the same. Get as far forward as possible. It is important for us to improve the bike to stay in the top 5. At this moment, I am enjoying my off-time and spending as much time as possible together with my family. Then I start training again; cycling, running, gym and, of course, be on my motorcycle as much as possible.”

Whether we see Simone’s newborn, Michael, on a motorcycle in the future is something that only time will tell. Simone explains, “I have to be honest, I don't know. When he is older and Michael says to me, ‘Daddy, I want a mini-bike,’ then we will see.” Simone smiles and laughs with sparkles in his eyes. Either way, Michael, when you are ready, you know who to call when you are looking for gear that will keep you safe just like your dad! 

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