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REV’IT! Rider Jeremy Alcoba

REV’IT! Rider Jeremy Alcoba

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

The motorsport season is now in full swing, but we’d still like to take a moment to look back at 2020, and even more so, to look ahead to the goals of 2021. Our lineup of riders is as promising as ever and we’re happy to run you through our mix of familiar and new faces as we present to you: Jeremy Alcoba.
Moto3 –  Gresini RacingJeremy Alcoba

Meet Jeremy
In 2019, Jeremy Alcoba won the Junior Moto3 World Championship, then he reached the third step of the podium in his first Moto3 year; taking home the Rookie of the Year award. Yes, those are a few things to be proud of. With a lot of energy and willpower, Jeremy is already looking forward to a second season with Gresini Racing and REV'IT! at his side.

Looking Back

Jeremy says, “What started as a dream ended up being reality for me last year. I was so proud that I was given the chance to become part of the Gresini Racing team. Even though I expected and worked hard for a different result, I can look back at a great season. It is something that I can repeat over a thousand times. It has been an incredible year. In terms of results, experiences, but above all, working together with my team.”

Jeremy is unique as a person, but now also awarded for being unique as a rider. “Becoming Rookie of the Year was a special moment, as you can only become this once in a lifetime per category. In the end, the results might have not been there, but I am super happy with this award. The most important thing is that we are all healthy, so I do not have much to complain about. “

Looking Ahead

This season, we expect some fantastic fights from Jeremy again, like the ones we saw in Qatar and Jerez last year. “Fighting in the front group was something I hope to do more of this year,” Jeremy says.

“We have gained a great deal of experience and I hope that next year we won’t make those little mistakes anymore. The goal stays the same: winning the championship. That’s what we fight for. I realize that it will be difficult, but I trust myself and have a great team behind me.”

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