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REV’IT! Rider Danilo Petrucci

REV’IT! Rider Danilo Petrucci

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

We would like to take a moment to look back, but even more so, to look ahead to the new motorsport season. Our lineup is as promising as ever and we’re happy to run you through our mix of familiar and new faces as we present to you: Danilo Petrucci.
MotoGP – Red Bull KTM Tech3 TeamDanilo Petrucci

In your life, you sometimes come across people you'd like to hold on to and say: “It's going to be okay.” It’s safe to say that #revitrider, Danilo Petrucci, has had quite a few ups and downs last season. The uncertainty whether a seat would be available for him at the Ducati Factory team, the speculations, opinions of others, and everything in between.

But he’s a fighter. And he’s exceptionally positive; never losing sight of the goal or letting the naysayers win. And never losing the reason why he started racing: Passion.

Looking Back

Danilo recounts, “The 2020 season has been very tough. We did a normal racing season in just a few months. It was very difficult to also understand the global situation of the world, with this cruel pandemic. Ducati decided to have two new riders before the season started, but fortunately for us, we immediately found a more interesting bike. The situation inside my garage was not the best. Adding the new rear tire brought by Michelin to the mix made things even more difficult. The bike was never really competitive like in the past.”

He continues, “For sure, Le Mans was a pearl inside a grey season. I struggled to find a good balance of the bike throughout the season, but I already knew before Le Mans to have a good chance there. In the previous race in Barcelona, I had a good feeling with the bike, but we noticed a very slow maximum speed on the straights. The race in Le Mans, with no long straights, was a good chance for us. And so, victory was there. I was happy to win a race leading all the laps.”

Saying Goodbye Is Never Easy

Sometimes, it is time to say goodbye to something that is dear to you, as you feel that it is time to move on. “Ducati has played a huge part of my career; my first real MotoGP bike,” Danilo explains. “It began in 2015, like with REV’IT!, so already quite a long time ago! Racing with a factory bike has always been my dream.

“In 2019. I was able to win my first GP in Italy, which was more than a dream come true! Unfortunately, they started to doubt about my speed, so I immediately felt that I was not going to be part of the factory anymore. It was hard to say goodbye, but it was also necessary. I will forever be grateful to Ducati, but now it is time to enjoy a new part of my career. A more orange one!”

Looking Ahead

When talking about the move to the Austrian motorcycle brand, Danilo says, “Going to KTM was another step I wanted to do. It is a great factory and they immediately showed the will to work together. I was looking at KTM for many years already, because I know how strong they are, and they were so fast with developing the bike. I am very curious to try a different bike after many years, so I am really looking forward to 2021. I will give everything I have, like always.”

Year-Round Training

Leading up to the 2021 season, Danilo hasn’t been sitting still and dreaming of the future. He has been busy training. “Off-road riding has always been a great passion of mine and a good way to train for MotoGP,” he explains. “In December, I participated in a real Rally in Sardinia (red. Italy). I wanted to understand more how riders can navigate through mountains and trails. The first day I even won, which was a surprise to me as well! Then, starting from first the next day, was harder because I had to navigate, and I had no help with no marks on the ground from the previous riders.”

Of course, we think it would be super cool to see Petrux competing in some of our Adventure Off-Road gear in the future. Is this something that we can dream about? “I would like to participate in more difficult rallies and then going to race the Dakar,” he explains. “It is very dangerous because you go for many kilometres without knowing what is around the corner, and with a lot of speed. For now, it is better to focus on MotoGP then I think I will switch to Rally.”

Looks like somebody was already picturing himself there as Danilo finished our little talk with, “Let’s also develop some new REV’IT! products for Adventure together!” 

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