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Meet the Riders in the Suits

Meet the Riders in the Suits

Class of 2021

Let us introduce you to the #revitriders Class of 2021. The riders that sport the shield logo at the world’s top levels of racing.A Passion-Fueled Partnership

At REV’IT!, we only like to work together with professional riders that embody our brand values. Riders that we can learn from. Ones that can provide us with well-founded feedback that our Research & Innovation team can use to further improve and develop motorcycle gear. But also, riders that we can enjoy a drink with after the races.

These collaborations don’t just happen. We are - and remain - selective. We don’t want to change our team of sponsored riders every season, because we are in it for the long haul. What do we all have in common? Passion. We believe in each other’s goals and we stand behind each other. We look forward to starting the new season with these professionals and are proud to introduce our #revitriders Class of 2021.

Petrucci REV'IT! RiderPetrucci REV'IT! Rider
MotoGP – Red Bull KTM Tech3 TeamDanilo Petrucci
Meet Danilo

In your life, you sometimes come across people you'd like to hold on to and say: “It's going to be okay.” It’s safe to say that #revitrider, Danilo Petrucci, has had quite a few ups and downs last season. The uncertainty whether a seat would be available for him at the Ducati Factory team, the speculations, opinions of others, and everything in between.

But he’s a fighter. And he’s exceptionally positive; never losing sight of the goal or letting the naysayers win. And never losing the reason why he started racing: Passion.

Bautista REV'IT! RiderBautista REV'IT! Rider
WorldSBK – HRC Factory TeamÁlvaro Bautista
Meet Álvaro

By switching from MotoGP to WSBK, and then from Ducati to Honda, Alvaro Bautista is a rider that constantly surprises everyone. The development process to allow the Honda CBR1000RR-R to compete for the world title - and the steps taken to achieve this goal - became more and more visible during the season.

His riding technique and ability frequently landed him on the podium throughout the season. Plus, he’s not only a world class professional rider, but he’s also that as a person. Already a #revitrider for 10+ years, Alvaro is as loyal as a rider can get. He is part of our family and we are proud of it.

Fernandez REV'IT! RiderFernandez REV'IT! Rider
Moto2 – Marc VDS TeamAugusto FernandezMeet Augusto

Last year, Augusto joined the Marc VDS Team; a team that embraced him and his goals along with his manager, his father, at his side. Though it was probably not the season that he had envisioned for himself; with a few hurdles along the way. That said, he was able to recover from a successful arm pump surgery right after the race in Aragon.

A broken toe after his first race in Valencia didn’t’ help things as he wasn’t able to participate in round 13. While these setbacks caused him some pain and discomfort, he still had success. With six finishes in the top eight, and a best finish of fourth, the Spanish rider can look back on an eventful season.

Baldassarri REV'IT! RiderBaldassarri REV'IT! Rider
Moto2 – MV Agusta Forward RacingLorenzo Baldassarri
Meet Lorenzo

We are excited to announce a new classmate in the group of #revitriders: Lorenzo Baldassarri. Between 2015 and 2017, Lorenzo Baldassarri was part of the MV Augusta Forward Racing already. Next to fellow #revitrider, Simone Corsi, Lorenzo will return to this team, but then in REV’IT! leathers!

On his Twitter account, Balda - as most people call him - writes in his profile: “A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work!!!” All we can say is; bring it on, Balda! We are looking forward to shaping the future together.

Dalla Porta REV'IT! RiderDalla Porta REV'IT! Rider
Moto2 – ItaltransLorenzo Dalla Porta
Meet Lorenzo

Finishing as the winner of the Moto3 championship in 2019 ensured that expectations were high. Getting a seat on a team in Moto2 was a dream that Lorenzo Dalla Porta had worked hard for. A different bike, different riders to fight against, and a busy calendar. The challengers are there. But we believe in Lorenzo.

Always have and always will. We have all faced moments where we would have liked to see maybe a different end result. Looking at Lorenzo, we see a #revitrider that has learned a lot this year, grew as a professional rider, and as a person. In the end, energy and persistence conquers all things.

Corsi REV'IT! RiderCorsi REV'IT! Rider
Moto2 – MV Agusta Forward RacingSimone Corsi
Meet Simone

An old acquaintance of us, Simone Corsi has become a proud REV’IT! shield carrier again. Due to COVID-19, and the restrictions that came along with it, this all suddenly resulted in many consecutive race weekends. A tough feat for any top-class athlete.

Apart from all the limits that were imposed, there was also plenty of room for beautiful moments. For example, he became the father for the first time, of a healthy son, Michael.

Salač REV'IT! RiderSalač REV'IT! Rider
Moto3 – Snipers TeamFilip SalačMeet Filip

Filip Salač certainly had a challenging season, but as the only Czech rider in the MotoGP championship, he had the whole country rooting for him.

The struggles were there, but he showed solid progress despite not being able to compete in the last two races of the season after the crash in FP1 of the Valencia race. Nothing prevented Filip from giving it all. And he has so much more to give.

Alcoba REV'IT! RiderAlcoba REV'IT! Rider
Moto3 – Indonesian Gresini Racing TeamJeremy Alcoba
Meet Jeremy

In 2019, Jeremy Alcoba won the Junior Moto3 World Championship, then he reached the third step of the podium in his first Moto3 year; taking home the Rookie of the Year award. Yes, those are a few things to be proud of.

With a lot of energy and willpower, Jeremy is already looking forward to a second season with Gresini Racing and REV'IT! at his side.

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