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“On our way to a sustainable future”

“On our way to a sustainable future”
A strategy toward sustainabilityWhat REV’IT! has, is a lot of ambition. And that’s no different when it comes to our goals for a sustainable future – a sustainable future for riding. However, even with the right intentions and the first major steps taken, clear substantiation, categorization, and guidance for the actions the company was undertaking to become more sustainable were lacking. But things are being set in motion.

Thanks to months of hard work of several knowledgeable consultants and, obviously, the help of many of REV'IT!’s own, a clear sustainability strategy has begun to take shape. It paves a way to take serious action and to plan ahead with much more precision and intent.

Small steps before moving onto more major steps

The sustainability strategy REV'IT! has been working on is grafted on the principles of Planet, People, and Product. It allows REV'IT! to work in a well-structured manner toward becoming a more responsible company in terms of our impact on the climate and environment, the people working on our products and wear them, too, and the impact and innovative character of the product itself.

On our way to a sustainable future, even the biggest transition will always start with small steps before a move onto more major steps. These sorts of transitions, regardless of the industry you project them on, are large, structural changes that take years or even decades. Keeping that in mind allows us to keep focus – to ultimately move knowledge, opinions, and facts from one 'paradigm' or ‘regime’ to another. 

“Things are being set in motion.”
Look away, or take on the challenge and tackle the problems

The sustainability transition within the textile industry follows the same trajectory of stepping things up from initial small steps to ultimately more significant ones – as does the motorcycle clothing industry. Our sector has an impact on the environment, climate, and people – that has become increasingly evident, and the need to act also becomes clearer day by day. That leaves brands with one of two options: look away or take on the challenge and tackle the problems. 

The latter of the two is obviously our option of choice. However, when you’re talking about the climate, you are referring to a long period – say, thirty years – and climate change-related influences measured across vast areas. So, it’s not just about the now and not just locally either. And this notion is precisely what makes things difficult. You’re asking to trust the process. But it’s hard to make the effects tangible and understandable without having a proper understanding first of just how immense the scope is and how the effects are spread out over such long timespans.

The importance of using all available knowledge and wealth

While the biggest challenges lie in the long-term changes and their inherent dangers, the excesses of climate change can also have disastrous impacts in the short term as well, and those can be extremely hazardous, too. Especially in vulnerable areas where the risks and effects of both drought and flooding are much more severe than in a wealthy and prosperous area like, for instance, Western Europe – where we’re better equipped to act. 

It highlights the importance of using all available knowledge and wealth to help reduce or prevent serious consequences, even – or especially – those outside of our direct line of sight. Taking all that into account, this challenge was never one to take on alone. Collaboration within the whole of REV’IT! as a company, but also between other, different companies within our industry – and outside it – is going to prove crucial. We will require all our combined knowledge and resources to make an actual difference. No matter how competitive the motorcycle (clothing) industry may be, we really must collaborate on handling this issue. And that is certainly something to strive for. To lead by example – to inspire and motivate each other to move forward.

“Even the biggest transition will always start with small steps.”
Small actions and the – lasting – effect they can have

Although the vastness of climate change and the transition to sustainability as a concept might seem overwhelming, it’s even easier to glance over the importance of small actions and the great – and lasting – effect they can have. Especially when those actions grow over time. A thousand, seemingly, small initiatives put together can spark something bigger. If only to provide more visibility and the inspiring effect those initiatives closer to those they affect can have. 

Replacing just one paper drinking cup with a reusable one might seem inadequate. Sowing the lawns around the company premises with wildflowers might just look like something aesthetic. Even simply talking to a colleague about the experiences of eating less meat or providing leftover lunch sandwiches from the catering in a Too Good To Go box.

Trivial as those things may seem at first glance, over time it all contributes to the larger goal.

Preliminary Work for Sustainability
  • Implemented three main projects: CSRD Gap Analysis, double materiality analysis, and a footprint calculation.
  • CSRD, an EU law, demands transparency in reporting environmental, social, and governance issues.
  • REV'IT! is taking early action to meet these requirements by 2026.

CSRD Gap Analysis

  • Evaluates compliance with over 200 data points across four categories.
  • Results lead to a roadmap with recommendations to bridge compliance gaps.


Double Materiality Analysis

  • Identifies key sustainability challenges based on financial and societal impacts.
  • Involves inputs from employees, customers, and market research.
  • Mandatory for CSRD compliance.


Footprint Calculation

  • Assesses total emissions from company operations, including production and energy use.
  • Combined with other analyses, it helps shape REV'IT!’s strategies for reducing emissions.
Sustainability Stories

Explaining our ambitions on tackling the inconvenient truths of climate change and making the change towards a more responsible approach – shaping a sustainable future for riding – is part of our way forward. Stay tuned for more REV'IT! Sustainability Stories: because it will take all available resources and knowledge to make the difference.