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REV’IT! Rider Alvaro Bautista

REV’IT! Rider Alvaro Bautista

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

We would like to take a moment to look back, but even more so, to look ahead to the new motorsport season. Our lineup is as promising as ever and we’re happy to run you through our mix of familiar and new faces as we present to you: Alvaro Bautista.
WorldSBK – HRC Factory teamAlvaro Bautista

By switching from MotoGP to WSBK, and then from Ducati to Honda, Alvaro Bautista is a rider that constantly surprises everyone. The development process to allow the Honda CBR1000R-R to compete for the world title - and the steps taken to achieve this goal - became more and more visible during the season.

His riding technique and ability frequently landed him on the podium throughout the season. Plus, he’s not only a world class professional rider, but he’s also that as a person. Already a #revitrider for 10+ years, Alvaro is as loyal as a rider can get. He is part of our family and we are proud of it.

Looking Back

Alvaro recounts, “Last season was strange for everybody, and fortunately, we had to finish the championship with a lot of races in a short time. These conditions were more difficult for us because we needed a lot of time on track for the development of the bike. Maybe even more than the others, so it has been very tough to make big improvements during the races. At the end, we made small steps forward and collected a lot of data for next season. The best result we made was third place, and besides that, some top 5 finishes. Being back on the podium with Honda for the first time in 4 years was a very emotional moment for the whole team.”

“Keep pushing,” is something we hear Alvaro say a lot. The best is only good enough for this true fighter. “My target is to win, so until I do not win, I will not be happy enough,” Alvaro says. “However, looking back at the situation of this season, I can say that we gave it our all. We always tried to get the maximum result in each condition. Maybe at times too much. Yes, we crashed a few times, but always with the goal to try to find a better position.”

Looking Ahead

Riding a new bike is like being in a relationship. You learn what you like, what you want, what works and what doesn’t! But regardless of emotions, the love is there. “Now we have more experience with the Honda, and we work so much better as a team than in the beginning of last season,” he recalls. “For the new season, we must make more steps forward in the winter test and try to arrive with more performance to the first race. Our goal is to win! We have a challenging path ahead, but we are ready for it.

“At this moment, it is time to relax a little bit, but also to prepare ourselves. Prepare ourselves in 3 major areas: physically, technically, and mentality. Physically, I do aerobic and strength exercises. Technically, I use different modalities of bike: motocross, Supermoto & flat track. In the mental area, (maybe the most difficult to train), I have a coach who takes many measurements of my mind with a computer and many sensors in my head. Everything to keep myself calm, relaxed and stay focused on my goals.”

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