Customer Service Specialist

REV’IT! is a growing e-tailer. A fact which matches our ambition for continuous development. As a Customer Service Specialist, you not only know everything there is to know about our products, but you are also a great listener and can connect the dots for our customers.

Are you a passionate motorcyclist yourself or interested in the industry? Are you the expert who ensures maximum customer satisfaction, has strong communication skills, and strives to offer an authentic experience? Then perhaps you are the Customer Service Specialist we are looking for.

Job Details

Job Title: Customer Service Specialist
Field: Sales
Location: Oss, The Netherlands
Contract Type: Full-time


What can you expect from us?

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. As a Customer Service Specialist, you are our voice and the person on the other end can hear and feel your passion in any kind of contact moment. You’ll provide our customers with answers to all kinds of questions, whether it’s a question about a specific product, a query about an order, or feedback they would like to share with us. Everything with the same goal: To ensure a customer-centric approach and to deliver a smooth and trustworthy experience.

Our recently launched website also plays a big part in this position. Our website is a place of inspiration, but also our virtual shop window. Together with the Customer Service Team, you will make sure that it is the best display possible, monitor it, and keep it up to date. In addition, you will align with our marketing department so that you are aware of and can anticipate in our marketing activities and planning.

Fulfilling the Customer Service Specialist position requires a big dose of knowledge about our products. But… you don’t have anything to worry about! We’ll train you to understand and know everything there is to know about our products and services and how our customers can benefit from this.

What does this mean in practice?

This is a position for someone who is keen to grow, learn, and to expand their skills. As a Customer Service Specialist, your soft skills matter most, as you naturally take pride in helping people and resolving issues. That said, you’ll also need to be eager to learn everything there is to know about our products to fully understand what it is that our customers are referring to when talking to them.

After a thorough product training, your job will entail the following:

  • You’ll be committed to making every customers’ experience a rewarding one.
  • You’ll be handling end customers emails to eStore customer inquiries, complaints and processing orders, returns and after sales.
  • You’ll combine technical expertise with customer service to solve question and issues.
  • You’ll advise the customers about our collection, order status, availability of products, product specifications, etc.
  • You’ll keep an eye on the day-to-day operations, by making sure that orders run smoothly, solving any issues at hand, following up with our customers within a short time frame.
  • You’ll provide oral and written communication with the correct tone-of-voice, taking into account the core values of REV'IT!.
  • You’ll translate customer experience feedback into areas for improvement for the company.
  • You’ll maintain and update the shop window on our website.
  • You’ll collect information from the various departments and know how to properly communicate this input to our customers.

This is a full-time position. You’ll report to the eStore Manager.

Are you our ideal candidate?

Just like us, we want you to care about our consumers and, at the same time, express your passion. We expect the following from you:

  • You have 2+ years of customer service or sales experience and you’re eager to put everything what you’ve learned into action.
  • You have a degree in Business Economics.
  • You’ve got what it takes to respond to questions, comments/feedback in the most efficient, professional and accurate way through verbal (phone) and written communication.
  • You have a hands-on mentality; a lot needs to be done and you’re ready as you’ll ever be.
  • You’re interested in online marketing and want to learn more about it.
  • Experience with Magento 2 is an advantage.
  • You’re fluent in Dutch and English, Spanish is a huge plus, along with Italian, French or Polish.
  • You’re an avid motorcyclist.

Apply Today

Excited about the position and want to be a part of the REV'IT! team? We’re looking forward to hearing from you! Click on 'apply now' and send your CV and letter of motivation via the application form.

Do you have any questions about this position or would you like to hear more about the benefits of being a REV'IT! employee? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Ruud van Berlo
HR Manager
+31 (0) 412 696 730

Or get in touch with him via WhatsApp.

Employee Benefits


A place where you can relax by yourself or with your colleagues, gain energy and work on your personal exercise goals! A personal trainer will come in every now and then to help us shape up, get fitter and stronger! Besides that, we organize Sport, Health & Fun activities with the goal to bring us all together at the REV’IT! gym, but also outdoors.

REV’IT! Restaurant

Yes, we have our very own Restaurant. A place where you can sit back and enjoy your lunch. Healthy and fresh options are available, such as wraps, meal prep bowls, granola bars, salads, snacks and more!

Motorcycle License

We are on a mission to inspire you to ride, but this doesn’t only count for the people that already have their license. While not all employees are in the possession of a motorcycle license when joining the company, we feel it is important that you, as a REV’IT! employee, get to experience what it’s like to ride a motorbike. We therefore offer the great opportunity for you to earn your motorcycle license. On our expense of course.

Company Bike

We have a company motorcycle which can be used, for example, to test products in practice. This motorcycle is also available for use by anyone at REV’IT! in possession of a motorcycle license.

Employee discount

We understand that every time a new collection comes out that you want to own that one item that you had your eyes on from the start. Therefore, you are entitled to a staff discount.

Company Pension

A workplace pension will automatically be arranged for you at the moment that you become part of our team.

Profit Sharing Bonus

We are always working hard for what we believe in. Good results can only be met when we work together. At the end of the year, when we reach our targets, it is of course also a moment to celebrate this! Besides a good get together, the whole team also receives an equal profit-sharing bonus.

International Staff Events

We love hanging out together and the perfect place to do so is to enjoy ourselves at the staff parties. Whether this is an Adventure Off-Road Training at the Enduropark in Valencia or a multiple-day motorcycle tour in the south of the Netherlands, we will make sure that it will be something unforgettable!

Legendary Parties

Speaking of unforgettable moments; our parties! Great Gatsby Christmas party, sushi parties, parties where our dancing shoes need to come out of the cupboard…there are always reasons to celebrate good moments together!

How we hire

Those of us who do what we enjoy doing have more job satisfaction. At REV’IT!, this is our forte. Dedicated, passionate and inspired people are given plenty of space for this at our company to excel. And the great thing about it is that we not only inspire the market in this way, but also one another.

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