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Collaborate across nine core disciplines
We all work together toward a single goal: To inspire people to ride. So while you may be joining one department, you’ll often collaborate with others, helping drive quality and innovation across every bearing of our business. The end result is a better way to serve our customers.The REV’IT! blueprint consists of nine carefully constructed entities:
01.Research and Innovation

Developing new and enhanced solutions to the challenges our customers face is essential. That’s why we invest substantially in research and innovation. We’re one of the only motorcycle clothing brands to have our own R&D lab and work in partnership with various technical universities, motorcycle riders, and athletes. In this department, you’ll have plenty of room to challenge the status quo, to set goals, and work toward them conscientiously.

02.Product design

REV’IT! is - first and foremost - a design company because engineering technically advanced clothing always starts with design. The Product Design department studies the challenges riders face, their wants, and their needs. And they design solutions addressing these hurdles, creating the concepts for new collections, and determining every millimeter of every product. Detailing them in meticulous drawings. Product Design is the creative engine that powers every REV’IT! collection.

“Vivamus sagittis lacus vel auguelaoreet rutrum faucibus dolor auctor. Cum sociis natoque penatibus.”~ Gerbrandt Aarts, Creative Director
03.Product Development

Each new product collection needs a careful eye to consider the concept, coordinate the development process, and take responsibility for thorough quality control. The Product Development department works hand-in-hand with Product Design to deliver new the new styles to the market; bringing an intense knowledge of materialization, components, patterns, and sizing to the process. At the REV’IT! headquarters, we also have our own atelier in which the team can produce prototypes and make repairs, test fabrics, and designs. The Sustainability and Compliance teams can also be found in Product Development, making every REV’IT! product reaches both the intense safety standards to be CE certified and our own goals to drive sustainability projects.

04.Supply Chain and Warehouse

This department forms the central nervous system for our network of manufacturers, suppliers, transporters, and customers. Supply Chain must forecast demand, planning and managing components, and finished product order flows, while the Warehouse team makes sure that products are received, stored, and shipped.

Managing the flow of products, components, and fabrics is a make-or-break operation for our business. So we approach it with the same dedication, same curiosity, same high standards we would when designing a product. Short lines, good relationships, and the space to be creative and flexible are essential.


Our Marketing department is made up of five teams working closely together: The Design Studio, Online Marketing, Brand Relations, Marketing Coordination, and the Racing Service. It is their job to connect with and inspire our customers.

Brand Relations Managers stay as close as they can to the pulse of the motorcycle industry. They are the voice of our customers inside REV’IT!; listening, observing, understanding, and discovering the trends and developments that can be used to design better products and create more effective campaigns. And they are the voice of REV’IT! in the outside world; a knowledgeable point-of-contact at events and for brand ambassadors, athletes, and influencers.

The entire marketing process has been brought in-house to produce our own campaigns that inspire customers. The Design Studio creates meaningful imagery that is genuinely striking and stirring, while Online Marketing manages our social media, newsletters, and other digital channels. And Marketing Coordination is responsible for managing all our marketing projects.

Th Racing Service operates alongside our professional riders, servicing them throughout all the world championships REV’IT! is involved with.


By cultivating healthy relationships with distributors, agents, and dealers in 70 countries across 6 continents, our sales staff are key to expanding the global reach of our brand. Consultative selling is fundamental in our Sales department. We value long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships; always asking: “How can we better serve our partners and our customers? How can we better equip them? How can we better support their growth and success?” There are three areas of this department: The Sales Office, Account Management, and Sales Agents.

07.REV’IT! Sport USA (Denver, CO)

Our branch in the USA is responsible for all things North America, based in Denver, CO. We are planting our flag in one of the greatest motorcycling markets in the world, where only the strongest brands and products survive. In just a decade, we’ve achieved a strong foothold here against companies that have been around for generations and we continue to grow the REV’IT! brand every day.


Operational support, inspiration, innovation, progress, and betterment. Our Staff department is the foundation upon which everything else is constructed.

Finance monitors our financial position and works closely with suppliers and dealers while HRM is occupied with finding, keeping, and developing talented REV’IT! employees, helping them grow, and feel at home. And IT works on data science and analysis projects, seeking out process optimization, and managing IT infrastructure.


The eStore Europe and eStore USA are the teams powering our online retail stores. They help us connect directly with our customers and take control of their buying experience to offer more trust, openness, excitement, enjoyment, and inspiration when it comes to purchasing REV’IT! products. Our eStores are establishing a much more meaningful relationship with our customers where we can make sure every ounce of energy that goes into producing a quality product is replicated in producing a quality retail service for them.

Behind The Scenes
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