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The Metropolitan Commuter Collection

With a less-is-more mantra, we bring you fashion-focused yet safety-infused, waterproof riding overcoats for the upscale casual metropolitan commuter. Ride from Point A to B knowing you’re covered in terms of the latest protective armor and materials technologies. Whether on or off the bike, the Manhattan H2O and Trafalgar H2O are the pieces that raise your style game in the city setting.
Trafalgar H2O JacketMotorcycle GearInspired By Fashion.
Metropolitan Commuter CollectionUpscale casual for business professionals.

Look smart. Ride smarter. Created for the business professionals that want to complement their style regardless of setting; on or off the bike, riding from Point A to B, or anything in between. It’s easy to be at your best and stay protected along the way.

Manhattan H2O Jacket
Ride Protected.Move Confidently.
Fashion-Inspired Motorcycle GearFor the minimalist. When less is more.

Stripped-down doesn’t always mean devoid of features and functionality. It’s actually quite the opposite here. But we also understand that urban commuters sometimes call for a less-is-more approach in terms of design aesthetics. Something that pairs with everything – from denim to suits to whatever you find yourself in on the city streets. Something that protects you from the hazards or urban life and the elements found in it. And something leaves you with a peace of mind you need amidst all the noise.

The New Trafalgar H2O Jacket
Kriega x REV’IT!
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