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The Sand 4 Collection
Travel is a State of Mind
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There's no denying the world around us. The scale of the various environments and diversity of terrain to be traversed is ripe for exploration. But at the heart of the adventurist's spirit also lies a need for harmony with the surroundings, a peace of mind that can only come with looking beyond the playground, and filling the role of guardians, as well as that of explorers.

As travelers in the wilderness need to harmonize with the world around them, motorcyclists of the great outdoors also need to be in sync with the gear that protects them. To this end, we proudly present the latest evolution in our most popular adventure series, the REV'IT! Sand 4 collection.

Travel is an attitude, a state of mind. It is not residence, it is motion.

An integrated Whole.A System in Motion.

An ecosystem is a community living in conjunction with the components of its environment. And much like nature functions best when these parts are in harmony, we have built our Sand 4 collection to function as a complete adventure travel system. Because a motorcycle overlander can’t find refuge in a trailer or a truck, a rider ultimately wears their shelter on their back - a home away from home, a residence in motion.

The Sand 4 collection functions as a sum of its parts that have been designed to work best together - the “4.0” level of refinement that comes with generation after generation of evolution and improvements. A jacket that integrates with the wearer’s needs: protective fabrics in the outer shell, with thoughtful design from ventilation to the waterproof stretch Destination liner. Pants that work in harmony with the jacket, and two glove options - the Sand 4 and Sand 4 H2O - that give the moto traveler the versatility needed in any encounter with Mother Nature.

The Journey and The Destination

While we agree that the majority of a motorcycle adventure is experienced on the journey, we recognized a glitch in existing motorcycle suit systems regarding arrival at a destination and sought to address it. The modular thermal and H2O waterproof liners in the latest Sand 4 H2O jacket have been meticulously designed to work as separately wearable outdoor garments.

We did a full redesign of the cut to fit better as an independent jacket. Also, replacing zipper attachments with snaps allow the rider to easily use a variable combination of thermal or waterproof layers both on and off the bike. Whether around a campsite, kayaking down a river, or setting off on a hike, the Sand 4 H2O jacket liners are designed to keep a traveler warm, dry, and looking good from origin point to final destination, and every stop in between.

Mix & Match your own Adventure

The most enthusiastic adventure travellers know that versatility and being able to match your gear to the (changing) conditions is key to a good experience. The Sand 4 H2O jacket and pants offer key functions that allow the wearer to adapt to the weather and surroundings.

That said, the Sand 4 collection - which pairs well with other items from the REV'IT! line-up - also allows for options to optimize the rider's look. The Sand 4 H2O jacket comes in four colorways and can be set up for either warm or cold riding thanks to two Sand 4 gloves offerings. Pair the outfit with some H2O boots and you’re more than ready to ride.

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The Sand 4 Glove Collection

As one of the most popular products to ever come out of the REV’IT! Product Design Studio, not only have we included a host of improvements on the previous Sand 3 and Sand 3 Ladies’ gloves to create the Sand 4 gloves, we doubled down and designed a set of waterproof H2O versions, as well as the warm-weather Volcano gloves.

The Right State of Mind

When nature fires on all cylinders, whether that means punishing rainfall or arid high deserts, the rider equipped with technology and thoughtful design will best weather the storm. From the gloves that connect an adventurer to their machine’s controls,

Adventure Travel Collection

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