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The Adventure Gloves Buying Guide

The Perfect Gloves

Finding the right hand protection so your hands stay safe on any ride, anywhere.

Adventure riding can take on wildly different meanings depending on the rider you’re talking to. Casual day trips out of the city, long weekends navigating around mountain passes and service roads, or long-haul trips spanning multiple countries, continents, and ecosystems. Anything is possible when you combine the spirit of exploration and the capabilities of a well-sorted ADV motorcycle. One constant among adventure riders, however, is the ethos of proper preparation, no matter the destination. That goes for the gear you strap to your bike all the way down to what you wear for the ride. And no adventure riding ensemble is complete without the proper pair of gloves.

At times, navigating the world of adventure riding hand protection can feel just as vast and challenging as any expert-level trail system. And just like an unknown route you’re looking to explore, all you need is a guide or a map to see you comfortably through. That’s why we’re here. REV’IT! offers a selection of ADV gloves with different price points and performance. We’ll walk you through our top offers so you can equip yourself with the right pair of gloves to suit your demands.

Sand 4 GlovesSummer Glovin’

The Sand 4 gloves were designed as the perfect punctuation to the Sand 4 H2O jacket and pants. But, like its predecessors, the Sand 4 gloves are versatile enough to be worn with any REV’IT! adventure jacket and pants combination. Keeping with tradition, the newest member of the Sand family is at its best in warm weather riding. The instantly recognizable TPR knuckle protector design helps direct airflow into the glove and over your hands, keeping them cool when temperatures rise.

TPR protectors on the fingers, thumbs, and TPR sliders on the palm increase protection, giving you more confidence in the saddle. At the fingertips, there are built-in Connect Finger Tips which allow you to use touch screen devices without taking the gloves off. If you’re looking for dependable, incredibly well-rounded gloves at an affordable price-point, look no further.

Sand 4 H2O Gloves Waterproof Versatility

Building on the success and multi-tool-like characteristics of the Sand 4 gloves, the Sand 4 H2O gloves go even further. Constructed with the riders who ride, rain or shine, the Sand 4 H2O trades ventilation for waterproofing.

The design team was able to incorporate the waterproof and breathable hydratex®|Z-liner membrane without sacrificing dexterity or comfort. The Sand 4 H2O gloves also have TPR protection on the fingers, thumb, and palm as well as Connect Finger Tips for unencumbered touchscreen device use.

Cayenne Pro Gloves Enjoy the Heat

The beauty of adventure motorcycle riding is that your day doesn’t end when the pavement does. And when you want to go even further, you need to know that your bike and your gear will keep up. The Cayenne Pro gloves were designed alongside the Cayenne Pro jacket and pants with this sort of persistent exploratory nature in mind.

We envisioned the Cayenne Pro gloves being as rugged as the jacket and pants bearing the same name. So the partially ventilated Cayenne Pro was built with dual comp protectors and offers safety without sacrificing dexterity, making it the tough second skin you need. When your ride demands more of you, you need to know your gloves are up to the challenge.

Dirt 3 GlovesOn or Off-Road

If you’re looking for lightweight, ventilated gloves with the level of protection usually associated with standard touring gloves, you’re in the right place. But don’t let the name fool you. The Dirt 3 gloves were designed with both on and off-road performance in mind.

The Dirt 3 is a venerable fortress with a TPR hard shell knuckle with Temperfoam® underneath, a TPR palm slider, TPR and Temperfoam® finger knuckles, and PWR|Shield knit at the palm. Combine that with ventilated panels and Connect Finger Tip technology and you have gloves ready to take on anything you can throw at them and still keep your hands comfortable and firm on the bars, all day.

More ADV Motorcycle Gloves?

The world of adventure riding, as expansive as it is, is only a fraction of what the rideable world offers. The gloves in the above list are the best REV'IT! has to offer in the ADV realm, but if you're looking for hand protection for the track, the commute, or just everyday riding, REV'IT! has you covered there as well.

Check out our full line of gloves and find something that fits your personal style and your preferred riding playground.

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