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Heritage footwear collection
Buying guide
Heritage footwear collection
Buying guide
Where past meets future
Classic footwear styles reimagined with modern safety technology.

Drawing inspiration from the styles of the past and engineering them to be future friendly, that sums up the Heritage footwear collection. Archetypes that live on and complement your street style yet have built-in safety tech to help keep your feet safe and comfortable. So, if you’re looking for street-ready shoes that are cleverly – and deliberately – disguised as fashionable PPE, you’re in the right place. Let’s find your perfect pair here.

01 Leather Shoes

Built to last throughout the years and to get more comfortable each time you wear them, meet our leather shoes collection. Whether you want riding boots inspired by the rugged outdoors or an archetypal moc toe shape, you’ll find them here. Or if you prefer something clean and uncomplicated, look no further. With safety fused into their DNA, these leather shoes are more than just heritage inspired classics. They mean business.

Copperhead GTXModern heritage boots with a waterproof GORE-TEX membrane

Meet the eight-hole, high-cut, lace-up Copperhead GTX boots. Bold and contemporary styling blended with classic craftsmanship. The combination of technical performance and rugged “field boot” design give them a light, airy feel with the body is comprised of suede leather – meticulously oiled and waxed for longevity and ease of breaking in. The included GORE-TEX membrane makes sure you can ride in the rain without getting your feet wet.

PatrolRugged yet fashion-centric leather boots with an homage to the past

Tough as nails and ready for your next ride, meet the Patrol shoes. Don’t let the commanding appearance of these boots fool you. As authoritative as they might seem, when you slip your feet inside, you’re greeted with comfort and protection. And those characteristics only get better over time as the full-leather shoes will mold to the silhouette of your sole. With a classic eight-hole construction and universal appeal, these CE-certified shoes are the right foundation on which to build. Both on and off the bike.

The Alternatives

Still want the eight-hole lace-up look but with a softer and more classic appearance? No problem. The leather Portland and Portland Ladies shoes – the women’s version specifically designed for women – are your next best bet. These shoes take you back to the future; combining styling from the past (archetype inspired “worker boots”) with tomorrow’s protection. Furthermore, they’re utilitarian in style but with a clean and uncomplicated design.

The Alternatives

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02 Suede Shoes

For those who would like more of an upscale casual look when on their bike or visiting their local cafés, our suede shoes have your name written all over them. Not only can they add more texture and dimension to your overall outfit, but they also embody the retro style at its finest. Here are our recommendations for footwear that takes your motorcycle wardrobe to the next level and keeps your feet safe along the way.

Ginza 3Universal appeal, style-driven, motorcycle shoes

With their body comprised mainly of suede, complemented with leather details, the Ginza 3 shoes give a new dimension to your motorcycle footwear. Furthermore, the contrasting-colored sole – except for our black variant – also adds a pop class to already stylish silhouette to complete this fan-favorite offering. 

Available in 3 colors Brown-White, Olive Green-White, and Black. 

Mohawk 3Moc toe style boots for fashionable Heritage riders

Our take on the classic moc toe style is best emulated through the Mohawk 3 boots. Comfortable, casual, and ready for the road. The suede and leather body not only keeps your feet safe while riding but are perfectly geared toward life off the bike.

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