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The Perfect Track Day

There are very few places on earth quite like a race track. It’s a high speed laboratory where you can safely ride your machine at the edge, while simultaneously searching for your own limits. And, like any proper lab experiment, the proper tools are paramount. Whether you’re competing against others or setting a new personal benchmark, the Race collection has what you need for the perfect day at the track.

Test it on the track

We set out to have our own perfect track day and put the all-new Quantum 2 series through its paces. And considering we were booked for MasterClass Yamaha at Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli, we were off to a good start.

Wake Up, Warm Up

Clear skies, a full tank of fuel, and an empty track. As far as the basics go, you couldn’t ask for much more when pulling up to a world-class track like Misano. Of course, a hot cup of coffee doesn't hurt. It just served as an extra jolt of energy as we walked through the pits. In the garage alone, the sights, sounds, and smells were enough to get the adrenaline pumping, knowing what was in store in a few minutes time. The familiar scent of warm rubber wafting from the tires under heat blankets and the sweet sound of the Yamaha R1 M1’s inline-four revving for a noise test worked just as well as the morning’s dose of caffeine.

Learning by doing

With the track displayed on the TV screen, the instructor went down his checklist. He made sure we all knew proper track etiquette, the meanings of flags, and explained in detail the nuances of the track and “the perfect line.” Sometimes, we all like to think we know how to take every turn of every race track like the pros, but to be honest, these quick refreshers are a blessing. Especially if you’ve never been around a particular circuit before.

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3, 2, 1, GO

All suited up, tires warm, tanks full, we hit the track. From 0930 to 1300, the two separate rider groups rotated in 20-minute open-lapping sessions. Getting up to speed during the first couple of laps was made easier in the Quantum 2 one-piece.

Detail-focused ergonomics and strategically placed perforation aid comfort and help make the suit feel more like a second skin so you can focus on hitting your brake points, apexes, and exits.

Lunchtime. Rest. Relax. Refuel.

As the clock struck 1300, that meant it was the end of the day’s first session. Four hours of nearly non-stop riding, of pushing yourself to lower your lap times, and honing your skills -- lunch couldn’t have come at a better time. The Quantum 2 suit and gloves, and the Supersonic undersuit are doing their job to keep our bodies cool, lap after lap. But there’s no denying the herculean effort it takes to muscle a top-tier sport bike around such a fast and flowing circuit like Misano.

In between bites of sandwiches and bottles of cold water, the instructors who were keeping an eye on us out on track all morning exchanged feedback for us to apply in the afternoon session. As good as we felt coming off the track, knowing where we could improve only made us more anxious to get back out there and keep the momentum of improvement flowing in the right direction.

Keep Pushing

Refueled and reenergized, we hit the track for the afternoon sessions. All the sage advice from the instructors front of mind going into turn one. Eyes up, nimble in the seat, loose on the bars. Staying relaxed in the saddle seems like the easy advice to follow but after a full day of putting in lap after lap with maximum effort, it’s easy to tense up and expedite exhaustion. The ability to have enduring performance comes down to repetitive training and determination to go the distance.

Exhausted yet euphoric

Riding a sport bike for an entire day is undeniably physical, so it helps to have equipment that doesn’t fight you, but moves with you. Supports you. Encourages you. Being comfortable around a track is just as important as being comfortable in your suit, on your bike. The Quantum 2 one-piece combined with the Quantum 2 gloves act as a second skin that affords you that confidence all day. If you want the perfect track day, you need to start with a solid foundation. Start here.

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