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Urban Sport Footwear Buying Guide
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We believe that sneakers and shoes are an important part of expressing what you’re all about. 

Whether you’re into casual cool, high-top shoes, or street-ready sneakers, or perhaps performance-focused go-fast footwear is your thing. Whatever you’re into, know that we’ve got you covered. Now let’s lace up and dive feet first into our urban sport footwear collection.

Fashionably casual high-top riding shoes for everyday riders

Nothings beats the character of the quintessential high-top riding shoe for sheer functional good looks. They combine street-ready safety tech and casually cool looks that will complement pretty much any outfit – on or off the bike.

ARROW SHOESFashionable ventilated everyday sneakers for urban riders

The cord-laced Arrow shoes combine the look and feel of your everyday sneaker with the protection that is constant across our extensive lineup of motorcycle-ready urban footwear. Staying true to our Tailored Technology credo, these partially ventilated sneakers will soon become your next favorite pair of shoes, whether you’re planning on riding or not.

Also available in a ladies version.

More high tops

If you’re not persuaded by the Arrow’s casual-cool appeal, the high-top segment offers a broad variety of alternatives. From the more casual Kick shoes to the very cool Jeffersons and the dark-themed Cayman shoes. If you’re looking to go waterproof, check out the hydratex-infused Delta H2O or the Krait GTX with premium GORE-TEX waterproofing – both available in ladies versions as well.

High-fashion-inspired sneakers for urban riders

These are for the sneaker heads. Designed to appease the kind of rider that wears his shoes as a statement. Ready to hit the road with footwear that blends progressive, high-fashion sneaker design with thoroughly modern rider safety.

ASTRO SHOESHigh-fashion-inspired, partially ventilated urban riding sneakers

We broke the mold when we created the Astro shoes. These aren’t your average sneakers. In fact, we’ve really pushed the limits of what contemporary motorcycle footwear can look like. Not only have we been inspired by progressive design styles in the high-fashion world, but we wanted to create something that was unlike anything else in our collection.

More high-fashion sneakers

If you’re into the sneaker game, you’re not just going to settle for anything. Perhaps adding a dash of stylish subtlety will hit the spot with the white-soled, black-top Astro Ghost shoes. Staying with the black and white theme, check out the high-flying Pacer shoes or kick it up a serious notch with the expressive Filter sneaker with its translucent, colored soles and crocodile skin-look detailing.

Performance-focused riding shoes for sporty riders

Leave all others in the dust with our paddock shoes collection. Design-wise clearly linked to the racing scene, these performance-focused shoes are fit for purpose from toe to heel. Sporty riders who are serious about riding; look no further.

JETSPEED PRO SHOESFully ventilated sports inspired motorcycle shoes, perfectly fitting thanks to the BOA® fit system

Unmistakably influenced by the racing scene, the Jetspeed Pro shoes cater to the kind of rider that takes their riding seriously. Decked out in large ballistic mesh paneling along the outside and across the tongue, with additional perforated suede leather around the medial flanks, you won’t be left wanting for breathability and ventilation – making them clear favorites for warm summer rides.

More performance-focused riding shoes

All our paddock shoes are made to perform, but each has their own intended playground. From aerodynamic design and breathability of the Jetspeed shoes, the expressively sporty G-Force shoes, with it’s GP-inspired protection, to the waterproofed siblings – the G-Force H2O and G-Force H2O Ladies – just pick your playground and play.

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