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Understated Stealth for the StreetsDARK CollectionMeet the DARK Collection. A curation of black/dark-themed motorcycle jackets that might look basic to the naked eye, but when zoomed in upon, reveal a much deeper level of thought and attention to detail through high-end materials constructions and components. Proving that a monochromatic approach holds its own power. It’s understated stealth for the streets.
Iridium H2O
IRIDIUM H2O JACKETStealthy outside, fully functional inside.

In creating the Iridium H2O, the design team took inspiration from the traditional padded jacket look and put a sophisticated twist on it. The combination of innovative, seamless welded padding on the front, the motorsport-derived TPU shoulder protectors, an intricate mix of abrasion-resistant fabrics, and lively textures give it a distinctive, thoroughly modern yet subtle appearance.

Available in 1 color.

UNDERCOVER IRIDESCENCE:The reflective material on the detachable hood has a subtly “colorful” iridescent gleam to it, adding an air of sophistication and visibility.MOTORSPORT-DERIVED PROTECTION:Taking a not-so-subtle stance on the Iridium H2O are the motorsport-derived TPU shoulder protectors; adding an extra level of visible armor to help keep riders safe.
Action H2O
ACTION H2O jacketPart bomber, part race-inspired, full-on stealth.

We took the instantly recognizable, highly functional design of the bomber-style jacket, with its stretch collar and cuffs and added the contrasting, iridescent texture of angular cut mesh panels and purposeful looking TPU shoulder protectors to create the Action H2O. Jam-packed with modern practicality, though at first glance you’d never tell.

Available in 3 colors.

BARELY NOTICEABLE. IMPOSSIBLE TO MISS:The mesh paneling – around front and back – is reflective and highly visible without the need of bright colors. You barely notice at first, but it’s impossible to miss in the light.CLEAN CUT:The overall cut of the Action H2O is simple and slim, keeping both the optical and physical weight of the jacket down.
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The Thorium pants, Cayman shoes, and Slate gloves work perfectly to complement stealthy looks of a DARK jacket.

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Take to the streetsin stealth mode.
AFTERBURN H2O JACKETInconspicuously incorporated tech.

With its hydratex|mesh G-liner construction and the carefully positioned ventilation zippers, the Afterburn H2O gives you a meticulously measured amount of practicality for everyday riding, whether rain or shine. All this tech is inconspicuously incorporated into the design, giving you plenty of comfort and safety, while maintaining the subtly sporty urban vibe we wanted to capture.

Available in 3 colors for men and 2 for women.

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Here’s some inspiration on how to create three under-the-radar looks that enable you to blend into urban life perfectly.

Here’s some inspiration on how to create three under-the-radar looks that enable you to blend into urban life perfectly.
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The comfort of softshell will make you want to wear this off the bike as well.

A hot summer night in the city

Cruising the city streets in stealth mode on a hot summer evening might make you favor this combination.

Urban Sport Collection
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