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Guiding Principles
Never stand for anything less
The way we treat each other at REV’IT! helps us achieve more together, it helps us grow and develop on an individual level too. You will be expected to uphold these principles - just as those around - to play a part in building a working environment that we can all thrive in.

Respecting and appreciating what makes people different. Embracing and celebrating all our unique skill sets, as well as our social and cultural backgrounds at REV’IT! result in an open-minded, empathic, and colorful environment that promotes creativity, curiosity, and innovation. Diversity fuels our business, giving us more ideas and experiences to draw from and therefore allows us to see different solutions.


Creating a sense of belonging for everyone who works here. We want REV’IT! to be a safe and supportive environment where you can feel welcome, uninhibited, and inspired. The more involved we all are, the more meaningful a contribution we feel we can each make, the better we can achieve our goals.

“Our team currently represents 15 different nationalities. We believe strength lies in differences. Taking the time to understand everyone's thinking helps us to find new ideas and make thorough decisions.”~ Ruud van Berlo, HR Manager

Enabling people to take initiative and responsibility helps us make sure that our skills are allowed to flourish. We invest in methodologies and workspaces that help you take initiative and responsibility, accelerating your personal development, and creating a more productive, committed, and loyal team around you. Empowerment starts with trust. Trust in each other’s intentions, knowledge, and capabilities.

Behind The Scenes
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