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What is a mid layer and why is it so important when talking about motorcycle clothing?

A mid layer of clothing is what sits between an outer shell and a base layer. Its purpose in life is to provide warmth and comfort to the body. They’re typically made with down, and act as a thermal barrier, so you stay warm when the temperatures start to drop. You can even add a shell, which would be worn on top of a mid layer, so that it provides additional barrier against wind and rain, while the mid layer keeps the body warm. In milder temperatures, mid layers don’t need to be particularly technical. It could be something simple like a fleece jacket or something comprised of a soft fabric. When temperatures drop, it’s suggested that the mid layer should be more technical, for example a higher loft down, so it can supply the warmth you are after.

As the name “mid” suggests, it’s a piece of clothing between. Our men’s mid layers provide comfort, as well as protection against the elements. For example, the Solar Jacket is purpose-built to block wind and repel rain. It also provides thermal protection because of the inclusion of PrimaLoft®.

Mid layers complement REV’IT!’s clothing lineup as not all of our jackets are built with three layers. The two-layer jackets allow those who want flexibility and choice in terms of mid layers, especially when they’re touring in extreme temperatures.

What’s also great about mid layers, especially with mid layer jackets like the Solar, is that they can be worn by themselves, while off the motorcycle. With plenty of pockets and a high comfort collar, as well as a wind catcher behind the front zipper, you’ll stay toasty warm when the temperatures drop.