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Depending on when you ride, where and what type of riding you do, we make sure you have a wide range of choices when it comes to men’s motorcycle gloves. We pay close attention to the small details not only in terms of safety, but also it terms of style. We want your hands staying protected but looking good.

We use a wide variety of materials and fabrics to bring you comfortable gloves that you’ll love. Materials used in the construction of our gloves can include: goatskin, cowhide, 3D air mesh, corduroy, two-way stretch, suede and more.

Along with gloves that feel like a second skin, we incorporate features to make life on two wheels much more convenient. For example, some of our hand protection comes with the Connect Finger Tip. How does it work? The conductive leather in the fingertip transmits the electrical current from your fingertip to the screen, allowing you to operate a touch screen while wearing your glove. So, when you’re off your bike and need to look at something on your phone quickly, there’s no need to take them off.

For those riding in wetter climates we use GORE-TEX® or our in-house developed hydratex® to keep the water out, but also to keep the gloves breathable. Summer or warm weather riders benefit from our gloves with perfectly placed perforation. Air flows freely into the gloves, keeping hands ventilated and comfortable.

Finger knuckle and hard shell knuckle protectors, reinforced protection at the palms with PWR|shield, and reflection are only a few elements that can be reinforcing the strength found in our gloves. There are also different lengths that cover up to the wrist or beyond depending on your personal preference.

Warm weather, cold days, street riding or on the track, we have your hands covered with our extensive and diverse gloves collection.

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