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Shirt Airborne LS

Long-sleeve, roundknit-constructed, moisture-managing base layer shirt

The Airborne LS shirt is arguably one of the most fashionable base layers on the market. Not only does it have a unique design, but it’s...
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Key benefits
  • Breathable
  • Direct-to-skin
  • Moisture-managing
Shirt Airborne LS
Key benefits
Product details
Product information
The Airborne LS shirt is arguably one of the most fashionable base layers on the market. Not only does it have a unique design, but it’s also purpose-built forlife on two wheels.

What makes it so special is the combination of lightweight, highly stretchable yarns with strategically placed engineered knitting patterns (following the so-called body mapping principle). We know that even on cold days the body can sweat. To prevent the body from cooling down too much, these patterns draw moistureaway from the skin to the surface of the fabric where it can easily evaporate. Thus, you stay dry without the negative side effects.

Since this is a base layer made by using round-knit weaving technology, there are no seams that could annoyingly press against the skin normally found in areas where body armor is located or unnecessarily put on pressure at the joints. Wrap yourself in 360-degree comfort, specifically engineered for motorcycle use, yet also suitable for any other sports or leisure activity.
Comfort features


3D round knit technology
Seamless 3D round-knit garments provide superior comfort and technical function for a wide range of athletic activities, including motorcycle riding. The 3D name comes from the texture and shape of the roundknit. Made on a circular knitting machine, seamless garments have superior elasticity for optimal shaping to the body. The virtual lack of seams results in optimal comfort, while also imparting important functionality: fewer seams make the garment less vulnerable for seam breaks, drop stitches, etc., and therefore longer lasting. Those seams that are absolutely necessary are made using flatlock technology, to eliminate bulk. The result is the ultimate in comfort and function.

Air spacer ribs at shoulders

This garment has been designed to wick moisture away from the body, keeping you dry and comfortable in ever-changing weather and climate conditions.

Polyester and elastane round knit

Climate regulation


Air vent zone at armpit

Air vent zone at chest

Protection in this product

Outer shell material

Multi yarn polyamide

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