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The house of Design, Performance, and Innovation
A black monolith emerges from the grassy banks of the A59 motorway to reach for the sky: a careful contrast between innovation and nature. This is an environment designed to surround you with quality, innovation, and inspiration.
They said we were crazy

Every edge, lined up with millimeter perfection.
Every space, produced in the right color.
Valuable real estate used up by airy high ceilings.
Warehouse machinery repainted.
Anything that doesn’t fit the pure aesthetic rehoused.

The effort. The details. The quality. It may seem crazy to some, but to us, it’s a necessity. It’s a necessity to approach our environment in the same way we approach our products: decisively, precisely, meticulously.

Working here should feel the same as wearing REV’IT! clothing - you feel you are wrapped in high-quality design and innovation, you are confident, you have the tools to perform, and you are inspired to push yourself further than ever before.

Come to work somewhere special

Take your first step through the striking black facade of REV’IT! Headquarters and into its warm, welcoming interior, resonating from our people and products. Each beautiful inch, crafted with thought, carefully designed to inspire you every single day.

Connect and create 

Impressive glass walls rise around you, offering openness and transparency, and aiding greater communication, and collaboration between the diverse, interesting, thoughtful people at REV’IT!. 

Surround yourself with innovation 

A smart building for a smart brand. Innovation flows through the atrium and swirls around every floor. Intelligent modular design allows us to adapt our spaces and shift our perceptions.

Take your work seriously

The best tools empower you to do your best work. You won’t be struggling with outdated machinery. We’ve invested in getting you the latest equipment; the gear that lets you focus on what you’re here to achieve.

Take yourself seriously

We’ve tried to think of everything you need to help you take care of your health while at work. You can hit the gym, filled with state-of-the-art equipment, for a workout. You can feed your body and mind in a welcoming restaurant you’ll genuinely want to spend time in (this is not your average office cafeteria). And we’ve kitted out your workspace with standing desks and private rooms for when you need to get away from it all and really concentrate.

Take our world seriously

Join a company that is adapting to protect our future. The REV’IT! Headquarters is fitted with enough solar panels to ensure we produce more electricity than we use, sending surplus green energy back to the grid for others. And all the glass is triple glazed to lower our energy consumption. You’ll also find charging points in our car park for electric vehicles.

Our Playground 
Discover more about our inspiring spaces or view our current opportunities.