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Looking good both on as well as off the bike. Introducing the Triomphe jacket.

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Not many favor the winter season when commuting on two wheels. But the alternative of being stuck in slow-moving, stop-and-go traffic is arguably less unappealing. When temperatures drop into the single digits, get where you are going without sacrificing on warmth, comfort, safety or style.

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Back to the future! Well, partially that is. As an archetype, the parka dates back to when the Inuit came up with it as their answer to the elements, using caribou fur-lined seal skin. Needless to say, we use different materials today, and we are also no longer depending on a coating of fish oil for waterproofing.

Let us enlighten you on the chapter called protection for the Triomphe jacket, against the roads as well as the elements that is.



Tailored Technology

It all boils down to our Tailored Technology design mantra; creating fashionable silhouettes which seem to almost burst under the number of technical features hidden inside - figure of speech, of course.

The Triomphe is no exception to this rule, as its fashionable polycotton outer shell hides numerous features that together make up for your next favorite winter jacket, on and off the bike.

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First up: protection against the roads. Don’t be fooled by its fashionable appearance; the PWR|shell outer shell material used in the Triomphe was thoroughly developed and tested by our in-house R&D department to ensure it offers the right resistance against tears, cuts and abrasions. With the tough outer shell box ticked, the next chapter is impact protection.

Again, thanks to our in-house developed SEESMART™ protectors, the Triomphe jacket offers impact protection exceeding CE-level 1 on shoulders and elbows, with the option to insert a SEESOFT™ CE-level 2 back protector in the prepared pocket.



Eliminate the Elements

With potential road-rash prevented, it’s protection against the elements that you’ll be counting on most when using the Triomphe. Our hydratex® membrane is incorporated in a G-liner construction to ensure a 100% waterproof jacket that also offers the right breathability. That means you stay dry from the outside in as well as from the inside out. 

When temperatures drop into single-digit values (Celsius, that is), the Triomphe’s detachable thermal liner will become your new best friend. Constructed to keep cold at bay, this thermal liner adds comfort in more ways than just warmth, proof of which can be found in the snug cuffs that surround the wrists comfortably while at the same time preventing wind from sneaking up your sleeve. With the thermal liner taken out, the Triomphe lives up to its promise of being a multiple season jacket, with many adjustment options allowing you to create the perfect fitting silhouette.

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Talking about adjustability options brings us to the feature department, which is properly filled up for the Triomphe. Making sure the jacket fits perfectly at all times you will find draw cords at waist level as well as at the bottom that allows you to create the silhouette you are after. For off the bike comfort the Triomphe comes with a fixed hood that is designed to work perfectly on the sidewalk, yet it won’t catch wind when riding. Last but not least you will find many storage options like inner pockets, outer pockets, and even a napoleon pocket that allows you to keep your essentials close.

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Mix & Match

Complement your black Triomphe jacket with matching trousers, gloves and boots, such as these;

Triomphe Jacket - Black - look 1


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Mix & Match

If you’d allow us to suggest what to wear with the Dark Navy Triomphe, we would select these;

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The Triomphe is aptly named so you can conquer the road on two wheels when others are forced to throw in the towel. Now that we’ve revealed the truth behind its fashionable appearance all that is left is for you to try it on. But be aware; you may not want to take it off.

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The Alternatives

Within our Tailored Technology collection, there are quite some equally good looking and technical apt alternatives. What to think about these?

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Alternatives - West End, Livingstone, Williamsburg Jackets


West End Jacket


There’s beauty in simplicity and it comes in the form of the West End jacket. It’s casual and understated garment, yet 100% motorcycle ready.

Livingstone Jacket


We pay tribute to the early days of British motorcycling with the Livingstone jacket; sleek, functional, yet modernized and fully protective.

Williamsburg Jacket


Jackets Collection


By introducing the above-mentioned new models, we’re adding a few great jackets to an already extensive collection of motorcycle gear. Our range consists of entry-level basics for occasional riders to high-tech offerings for heavy users.

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