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HR Business Partner

At REV'IT! we have a deep-rooted drive: we want motorcyclists to enjoy their passion to the fullest. To achieve that goal, we try to learn something new every day. From each other, from our customers, from our data and... maybe also from you.Are you an experienced HR professional with the ability to guide and support highly educated, passionate, and specialized people? Are you able to represent the people in our organization and help managers build their teams, making sure the skills of our employees are being used to their full potential? Apply now for a chance to carve your place at REV’IT!.

Job Details

Job Title: HR Business Partner
Field: HR
Location: Oss, The Netherlands
Contract Type: Full-time

Feel free to apply in Dutch or English

What can you expect from us?

Your skills, your experience, and your ideas will be valued at REV’IT!. You will be vital to us. And you’ll be given all the trust, respect, and time that comes with being such an important member of the team. It’s our ambition to become the most desirable employer in the world of technical apparel and you will be a catalyst for making that happen.

So, if you’re looking for that step in your career that gives you big responsibilities and the opportunity to make a difference, this is the role for you. You will lead an all-round HR function for specific departments of our global organization. You will be the go-to person – the trusted expert.

You’ll get to help develop your own role, working with our existing HR team to decide which departments you want to look after and how else you can support our people and our business. 

We are a broad organization, with a preference to harbor as much as possible in-house to make sure the REV’IT! standards of quality are met in everything we do, including Research & Innovation, Collection Development, Supply Chain, Marketing, and Sales. With such a diverse range of people, departments, and skills, the HR role can be a challenging one. But it also gives you so much opportunity to take ownership of the job and add real value. 

And you’ll be working in an incredible space with incredible people. Just like you, others at REV’IT! are all avid specialists with fascinating insight to offer across their roles here. But don’t take our word for it. Our outgoing HR advisor says: “I have never been in such an inspiring environment, surrounded with the most humble and passionate people”.  

What does this mean in practice?

You will be working with other HR professionals, but you’ll get to take full responsibility for all of the HR requirements of certain departments; employer branding, recruitment, learning and development, employee care and rewards, supporting managers in building their teams, and supporting existing employees from the moment they join us to the moment they leave.

Your job will include:

  • Working closely with department managers, understanding all their (sometimes very specialist) HR needs.

  • Becoming an expert in different departments, including how they operate as a team and the individuals that make up that team.  

  • Regularly assessing and evolving employer branding. 

  • Recruitment, finding the right candidates that don’t just check off a list of qualifications but who will thrive in the particular culture, environment, and team here at REV’IT!.

  • Feeding back to and advising current employees, including helping them resolve issues they may be facing and working with them to develop as professionals and progress their careers.

  • Working with employees when their time at REV’IT! comes to an end. 

  • Managing long-term improvement projects such as assessing and evolving our onboarding program or developing a culture program.

This is a full-time position (40 hours per week, 32 hours negotiable). You’ll report to the HR Manager.

Are you our ideal candidate?

Patience is definitely a virtue at REV’IT!. We are not a move-fast-and-break-things type of company. Instead, we move with considered purpose and detailed precision. We plan meticulously, making sure that anything we start is completed to the highest standards. That leads to the quality REV’IT! is known for. If you enjoy and can thrive in this kind of thoughtful, considered, perfectionist environment then you’ll be the right fit for REV’IT!.

On top of that, you’ll go to the top of our list if you have that holistic HR experience. We want you to be able to come in and take responsibility for specific departments, managing the entire HR journey for them.

We expect:

  • At least five years’ experience as an all-round HR professional.

  • A higher vocational or university education.

  • Experience participating in one-off HR projects alongside day-to-day HR functions. 

  • Fluency in English. Our team and our job market are international which makes English essential. 

  • Excellent communication skills both in terms of listening to and advising colleagues in your day-to-day HR activities and in terms of presenting new ideas for improvement to key stakeholders that are backed by evidence, strong strategic thinking, and enthusiasm. 

  • Empathy, as much of your work will be about understanding others and making decisions that affect them.

  • The ability to talk on the level with highly educated, senior colleagues, advising and coaching them.

  • The ability to understand the business as a whole, not just the departments you look after.  

  • Bonus: fluency in Dutch.

  • Bonus: a passion for motorcycling and motorcycling products.

Apply Today

Within REV’IT!, we embrace diversity. Currently, our team represents 15 different nationalities. Something we take great pride in! Because we work with so many different backgrounds to achieve our mission, our working language is English. That said, we are very proud of our Dutch roots. Should you be interested in one of the openings and prefer to apply in Dutch, then please don’t hesitate to do so.

Excited about the position and want to be a part of the REV'IT! team? We’re looking forward to hearing from you! Click on 'apply now' and send your CV and letter of motivation via the application form.


Any questions about this position or would you like to hear more about the benefits of being a REV'IT! employee? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Ruud van Berlo

HR Manager
+31 (0) 412 696 730

Or get in touch with her via WhatsApp.

Employee Benefits

We expect a lot from you in your work. But in return, we try to make sure you get a lot out of your life here. That means the support, responsibility, and resources to improve your work, grow professionally, and build a successful career.

But what good is any of that if you’re not enjoying yourself? We invest in creating an inspiring workplace, full of fun, respect, and camaraderie so that life at REV’IT! is always as enjoyable as it is successful.