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As the name suggests, our ladies “mid” layers are placed between your base layer and your outer shell. The mid layer adds that extra level of protection against the cold if the temperatures drop, if you’re riding at altitude or if you like to ride during the frigid months.

The mid layer is all about adding a performance fabric that will keep the heat in, the wind out and you comfortably riding as long as you’d like.

Remember, not all mid layers are created equally. The idea behind the mid layer is not to add unnecessary bulk. You can add layer-upon-layer, but if they’re made of the wrong materials, that’s all you’re adding: bulk.

Mid layers can be made of anything from fleece to a high-tech fabric that’s been specifically-engineered to keep warmth close to your body but to also allow moisture to escape in the event that you start to sweat.

When it comes to how a mid layer should fit, well, it should be as snug as possible. Excess fabric allows more air to get in, and in turn, will cool you down. That’s not something you want when it’s already chilly outside!

Depending on what you would like your mid layer to do, some are designed just to keep you warm. Some have wind blocking characteristics, some are water repellent and some can do all of the above.

What’s also great about REV’IT’s ladies mid layer, is that they are versatile. They don’t just have to be worn for motorcycling. Wear them off the bike and you’ll have an equally fashionable and functional ladies garment.