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Motorcycle Jackets

Motorcycle Jackets Motorcycle Jackets
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Regardless of what genre you ride in, we have a wide selection of ladies jackets to enhance your motorcycle clothing repertoire.

When referring to ladies jackets, our designers are solely focussed on the female physique. Why wouldn’t they? It is gear created from the ground up for women.

But all too often do ladies jackets feel bulky, are ill-fitting and sit on the body like a shrunken version of their male counterparts.

That’s definitely not the case here. We have female designers who design gear for females. That means contouring jackets in the adventure, sport or urban categories specifically around women’s different body shapes. It also means putting adjustment straps in all the right places, but also focussing on comfort and style.

Adventure- When it comes to taking the long way home, we’ve engineered ladies jackets to keep going as long as you can. Whether it’s a GORE-TEX® garment designed to keep the rain out, or one that has ventilated panels to keep the air flowing through, we have both, and many styles in between.

Sport- The last thing you want when riding on your sport bike is excess material bunching up in places you don’t want. With our precision ladies jackets, you won’t even have to entertain that concern. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the road or track, you have the freedom of movement without the discomfort of bulk. Our ladies sport jackets are tailored to perfection with the female rider in mind.

Urban- By incorporating the Tailored Technology philosophy, you can align your motorcycle jacket with your own sense of personal style. Because design is at the forefront of the ladies urban jackets collection, you have beautifully-crafted pieces with abrasion resistance and impact absorption, regardless of style you choose.

Our ladies jackets are purpose-built but also fashion-forward motorcycle clothing. Come and explore with us.

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