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Motorcycle Jeans

Motorcycle Jeans Motorcycle Jeans
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Frumpy. Baggy. Ill-fitting. Unflattering. Not here!

Our ladies jeans are none of the aforementioned characteristics. We made sure of it. Offering both a Regular and Slim Fit, our ladies denim can double as a trendy pair of jeans when you’re off the motorcycle.

Thanks to a Comfort Seat, we’ve relocated the crotch seams of a traditionally constructed jean pattern to allow for greater freedom of movement and comfort while sitting on the bike. This is particularly handy if you find yourself riding for longer periods of time. While it may not seem particularly significant, this small change makes a big difference. It takes away a would-be painful pressure point that can be bothersome to riders.

Thanks to the inclusion of our SEESMART™ technology, you have ultra-thin yet highly-potent protectors at the knees, with the option to add protection at the hips. And when we say it’s ultra-thin, we mean it. You probably won’t even notice they’re there, which is the beauty of SEESMART™. That way, when you’re walking around, having a coffee with friends or on your motorcycle, you have all comfort all of the time.

Check out our ladies jeans and see what comfort and style look like when they’re done right.

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