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REV'IT! Racing Gloves Buying Guide

The Right Feeling at Your Fingertips

We know how important it is to feel what’s going on through your handlebars. That’s why we use MotoGP-derived tech and safety to deliver the fastest gloves you can get. Pick the right pair for you.
Test it at the Track

At their core, race tracks are high-speed laboratories. Whether it’s the man/woman, machine, or the protective equipment enveloping the rider, everything is being put to the test. And come race day, everything must perform at its maximum to achieve the ultimate goal: crossing the finish line first. REV’IT! entered MotoGP, the world’s most premier motorcycle racing category, a little over a decade ago and we’ve been using it as a testing ground ever since. Our Race line of apparel and protective equipment is a direct result of years competing at the track; logging countless miles of at-the-limit riding to develop each individual product.

When it comes to our Race gloves, you can rest assured that professional riders have already spent countless hours scrutinizing every stitch and millimeter of material, so you don’t have to. All you have to do is choose which pair of gloves best fits your performance and style needs. To help you through that process, we’ve laid them all out in detail to make that last step that much easier. Below is a guide of our top-tier Race gloves, ready to take you to your own limit. And beyond.

A Direct MotoGP Descendant

The harsh but true reality is that the chances of making it as pro rider in MotoGP are slim. Very, very slim. Luckily, the Jerez 3 gloves can put that dream within reaching distance. A descendant of the iconic Jerez Pro - and jointly developed with REV’IT! MotoGP riders - the Jerez 3 gives you almost the same level of protection you’ll see on your screen every race day. The Jerez 3 is constructed using cowhide and kangaroo leather, with TPU hard shell protectors at finger knuckles, little fingers, thumbs, and TPU hard shell palm sliders. Not to mention the TRYONIC impact protection at the cuff. These are just a few elements that deliver armored confidence lap after lap.

And to help maximize impact resistance if you do go down, the dual-comp protector is made of a 3D, pre-shaped honeycomb TPU material, capped with an aluminum high-impact shield. This lightweight protection material is lighter than plastic, is CE-approved, and designed for MotoGP-level crashes, whether you’re racing at the front of the pack or setting personal best lap times at a casual track day.

Quantum 2 Gloves

New for 2021, the Quantum 2 gloves were designed to bridge the gap between high-speed track days and aggressive street riding. They pair well with either one-piece leather suits or textile jackets and offer supreme sport-focused versatility.

Similar to full-on race gloves, the PWR|Stitching is placed on the outside of the glove to eliminate any pressure points against the fingers/hands while riding. Cowhide and goatskin make up most of the outer construction with TP plastic at crucial impact points like the cuff, palm, thumb, and knuckles. Inside, there’s Temperfoam® for comfort and a moisture-wicking tri-fleece liner for when things start to heat up. If you’re brave enough to ride your bike to the track, put it to the test on track, and then ride it home, the Quantum 2 are the gloves for you.

League Gloves

If you want something track-ready, but not full-on race spec, the League gloves bring the essence of the paddock to public roads. Similar to the Quantum 2, the League is constructed using cowhide and goatskin with TPU hard shell knuckles and palm sliders.

The League also comes with the same moisture-wicking tri-fleece liner, but to help ventilation during considerably slower street riding, there are more prominent perforation holes for ventilation, and a significantly shorter cuff.

Xena 3 Ladies Gloves

For female racers who are looking to lead the pack and want hand protection of competition caliber, the Xena 3 Ladies are the gloves you want. The Xena 3 Ladies come with the same level of protection and versatility as the other gloves on the list but are trimmed and sized for the perfect fit and the ultimate comfort for women who tackle the track.

Hard shell TPU plastic at the palm, knuckles, and cuff ensures the Xena 3 Ladies will instill confidence every time you head out onto the track or connect your favorite turns on your local route.

The Full Collection

Since gloves are just the (finger)tip of the racing iceberg, you’ll want to check out the rest of the Race lineup. Head to toe, your full track day ensemble awaits.

The Track Day Buying Guide
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