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Peak performance for the female form
Xena 4 Ladies One PieceIt’s not always a race against the clock. Or others. It’s a race against yourself. To push yourself to be the best. To not back off the throttle when you know you can go faster. Be faster with the Xena 4 Ladies one-piece suit. Class AAA safety results according to EN 17092-2:2020. A fit optimized for the female form. Airbag prepared.Your time starts now. Don’t hold back.
Top-tier safety for top speeds
Airbag prepared

In the conceptualizing process of the Xena 4 Ladies one piece, it was our goal to make it our first women’s race suit to be airbag prepared. A task that is easier said than done. But we don’t shy away from a challenge. And we made it happen. Not only does the Xena 4 Ladies one piece achieve a AAA safety rating, but it is also compatible with our Avertum Tech-Air® airbag. Here’s how we did it…

Safety in every stitchClass AAA confidence

BETAC® protection at the shoulders, elbows, and knees, along with CE-level 1 SEESMART armor at the hips means that all the high-impact zones are covered. So put your fastest lap times down, and then do it again. Even faster. Knowing you are headed out onto the track knowing you’re covered with a top-tier protection.

Prioritizing performanceFit for speed

The collaboration with REV’IT! TAILORTECH played a crucial role in refining the suit's design for optimal fit; leveraging their expertise to fine-tune the final product. A final product that took over two years - and multiple sample rounds - to realize from start to finish. It prioritizes performance and comfort through its pre-shaped panel construction, ensuring a better fit that adapts seamlessly to the rider's body. Something that has been in the Xena family from Day 1, with the introduction of the Xena Ladies jacket in 2014.

Ready to race
Airbag prepared

By looking at the areas that would need extra attention should the airbag need to deploy, we zoned in on the suit’s upper body. How could we make sure that comfort was at the highest level but also safety? A softer and more flexible hump compound was introduced to make room for the airbag console, a neoprene collar, better stretch, and more supple leather to accommodate the airbag for the upper body, whether you take the airbag or not.

Tailored to you Stretch in all the right places

The suit's adaptability is further highlighted by the adjustments made to the stretch lips at the lower back and the speed hump on the back shoulder, all tailored to fit the airbag when sizing up. Further modifications were made to improve the suit's overall functionality and comfort. The angle of the stretch lips on the sides was altered, alongside adjustments to all seams, to enhance movement and fit. We recommend one size up when wearing it in tandem with the airbag.

Perfect placementPut your knees down

The suit's protective elements have received significant attention, particularly around the knees. The knee patches – that allow riders to adjust their knee sliders - have been optimized by increasing the surface area. This allows riders to easily adjust the sliders to a larger area of their preferred position, thereby enhancing protection and control. The entire knee construction, including both front and back, has also been reworked for improved fit and movement with increased stretch in the material yet decreased bulk.

Go with the flowFast-paced essentials

Ventilation and safety features have been meticulously integrated into the Xena 4 one-piece suit's design to meet the demands of high-speed racing. To improve comfort during rigorous racing activity, chest perforations enhance airflow, working in tandem with the suit's two-way stretch fabric that facilitates ease of movement. This comprehensive approach to design ensures that the suit delivers on its promise of superior performance and comfort. Additionally, a soft neoprene wind catcher at the neck drop blocks wind, increasing comfort during high-speed rides. For convenience and hygiene (and to keep you focused on the task at hand), we’ve included a liner that is fully removable, allowing for easy washing and reattachment.


SHOP THIS LOOKThe end result

The end result is a complete racing one-piece suit with all the bells 'n whistles our men’s suits have. Without compromise. As the pinnacle product in the Xena Ladies family, the one-piece suit leads the way for innovation, fit, and safety among its Xena 4 Ladies jacket, Xena 4 Pro Ladies jacket, Xena 4 Ladies leather pants, and the Xena 4 Ladies gloves siblings.

Designed to give you the edge
Game onControl one-piece suit

Slip into the all-new Control one-piece suit and embrace the track-ready fit and feel. Created to enhance your performance through advanced design, high-quality materials, and racing technology, you’re put firmly in control with design to give you the edge. To heighten your senses and sharpen your aim, to nail that launch and hit every apex.

Go faster. Here’s how.
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