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The REV’IT! Café Rally

The 2021 REV’IT! Café Rally
Fire up your engines, gather your squad, and ride out to #supportlocalbusiness in one of 5 US cities!
Few things go together better than motorcycles, friends, and coffee. We want to harness the positive energy that comes from a strong espresso and biker buddies, coupled with the fun experience of riding a point-to-point rally.

We’re encouraging all riders, regardless of background or style of motorcycle, to rally together to bring love and attention to some local gems. It’s also an initiative to help support communities and small businesses in various US cities. We’ll sweeten the deal, too… So, ride out and enjoy a free coffee and a chance to win amazing REV’IT! riding gear & prizes.

Participating cities

  • Portland, OR rally point: MotoCorsa
  • Brooklyn, NY rally point: Triumph Brooklyn
  • Bay Area, CA rally point: Scuderia West
  • Seattle, WA rally point: Triumph of Seattle
  • Los Angeles, CA rally point: Beach Moto
How It Works

Throughout June, we will announce via the @revit_rally Instagram different checkpoint cafés each week for every city above. Riders who check in at these cafés (bonus: free coffees while supplies last), and then ride to your city’s rally point motorcycle shop on the same day, bank REV’IT! Rally Points. A maximum of 1 point per day can be earned.

At the end of the 3-week period, we will hold a drawing for $1,000 in REV’IT! prizes for each city, with every Rally Point counting as one entry. The more times you visit each café/motorcycle shop, the more chances you have of winning!

Rally Instructions
  • Follow @revit_rally on Instagram, and tune in to when we start your local rally announcement on June 9 2022. Each week on Instagram, we will announce the location of your city’s café checkpoint location.
  • Once you know your city’s café check-in location for the week, visit that café to redeem a free coffee and swag (while supplies last), and check in using your mobile device via the countertop QR code.
  • On the same day, then ride out to your local rally point REV’IT! shop listed above. Each time you do this café-to-shop ride (or vice versa) within one day, you accrue REV’IT! Rally Points.
  • Each point increases your chances to win your city’s $1,000 REV’IT! product prize drawing at the end of the 3-week Café Rally period.
  • Tag @revit_rally and #rallyforlocalbusiness on any Instagram posts featuring these partner businesses to give them a bit more shine and increase your chances of winning. (#revitriders #supportlocalbusiness won’t hurt either!)
  • REV’IT! believes in social responsibility. Please follow local city mandates and private business guidelines on social distancing and mask wearing.

Where do I find out the rally locations?
The rally point shops are listed above. The rally café locations are announced each week starting June 9th on the REV'IT! Rally Instagram page, ending June 30th.

Do I have to ride alone? Or can I ride with friends?
Either works, but we think it’s always more fun to ride with friends!

Do I need to ride an adventure bike, or any specific type of motorcycle?
Not at all. Any type of bike will do. Although the spirit of the project involves riding to support your community, you don’t technically even need to ride a motorcycle to each location, just come out and support some great businesses!

Can I check in multiple times a day?
No, only one rally ride between café and shop per day.

Can I check in multiple times a week?
Yes! While only one ride limit per day is counted, you can do the ride every day per week so it’s possible to accrue 7 Rally Points a week.

Do I need to buy anything?
No purchase necessary to participate, but it’s always nice to be a patron for your community and #supportlocalbusiness.

Ride safe and have fun!