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Accelerate and excel through design and performance

This is for thrill seekers, for the adrenaline junkies, and for those pushing the edge of their own abilities. Our track-ready Race collection is here to get you up to speed. To nail that launch and hit every apex.

Performance Personalized
Every detail, tailored to your exact measurements and personal aesthetic. Make your mark on the track with unparalleled customization.
Freedom to Move, Fit for Speed
Game On
Heighten your senses with design to give you the edge with the Control. 
Don’t Hold Back
Take to the track with peak performance for the female form: Meet the Xena 4 Ladies.
AVERTUM TECH-AIR®On the road or on track

The future of rider safety is intertwined with motorcycle-ready airbag technology. On the road or on track – wherever the thrill of speed takes you, you take the Avertum Tech-Air®.

Mind, Body, and Soul: It Takes All Three To Make It To The Top
Racing at the top of the Grand Prix racing requires more than just skill and experience. It takes exceptional strength of Mind, excelling control of the Body, and an unrelenting drive from deep within, the Soul. These three key elements come to the fore in the REV'IT! Mind, Body, and Soul video series.
Expression Meets Innovation
Take the Thrill of Speed to the Next Level
Engage with the bike and engage with the track; engage Hyperspeed 2.
Bold From Start to Finish
Aim to stand out and shine come track time. Bring your A game with Quantum 2.
Attack the Track with Confidence

Get the confidence you need to attack the track with our top recommendations for one-piece racing suits. Discover our Track Day Buying Guide.

How to Keep Cool When the Track Heats Up

Skyrocketing temperatures at the track shouldn’t hinder you from putting your fastest lap times down. We’re here to help keep you cool.

Find Your Perfect Performance-Focused Riding Gloves

Find the perfect match for your serious riding needs with the Race Gloves Buying Guide. Get performance-focused gloves that keep up.

CE Explained
Why does it matter and why should you care? Let’s explain!

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