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Harley-Davidson x REV’IT!

No Stranger to Shaking Things Up

For the introduction of the all-new Pan America, Harley Davidson decided to partner up with gear specialist REV’IT! to create a brand-new apparel line-up that would satisfy the needs of the most demanding adventure riders out there. Gear that is built to perform under the most extreme conditions and in the toughest terrain, just like the bike itself.

Two Shields Are Better Than One

It’s no surprise that the bar and shield logo is internationally recognized. Harley-Davidson has been around since 1903 and will be for decades to come. How? By adapting to changing market circumstances and reinventing themselves continuously. They’ll never stop pioneering as they acknowledge that change is the only constant factor. Now more than ever.

The REV’IT! shield logo – the embodiment of our three pinnacle values: Design, Performance, and Innovation – doesn’t have that over-century-long tenure. However, since 1995, we’ve been on a quest to continuously enhance our customers riding experience and we have been doing so at a rapid pace. Design led high performance products, fueled by innovation.

Harley Davidson x REV'IT!Harley Davidson x REV'IT!
Enter The Pan America

The new Pan America is not Harley-Davidson’s first go at an adventure motorcycle. Previously, HD produced over 100,000 of their WLAs -or “Liberators”- which one could consider as the first real, all-road adventure bike they offered - until now.

Building upon the WLA’s DNA, this brand-new adventure bike is designed to bring Harley-Davidson into the future and bring a new customer target group into their world yet without losing sight of design and performance characteristics that are typically associated with the brand. From a design perspective, the Pan America is characterized by boldness and ruggedness. Its utilitarian look and feel is almost ‘Spartan-like,’ yet make no mistake, the bike is packed with 21st century technology and features. The performance of the Pan America will live up to the expectations of the most demanding adventure touring rider out there.

Developing The Gear To Match The Bike

To enjoy the Pan America to its maximum capability, it takes more than just the bike itself. You also need the right gear. That’s where we stepped in. Taking inspiration from the Pan American Highway for HD’s adventure bike isn’t a coincidence. The Pan America has truly been designed to cross climate zones in full comfort, regardless of the roads offered. The Pan American Highway stretches from Alaska to Argentina. Any kind of weather and any kind of road surface is par for the course along this unforgettable ride. That’s why we made the gear to match anything you’ll encounter along the way. We mean anything.

The Harley-Davidson x REV’IT! collection consists of two different technical platforms, for both male and female riders. The suits are both all-weather-ready, yet they distinguish themselves by the features incorporated. The choice of materials, colors, detailing, and utilitarian looks are directly derived from the Pan America bike.

Allow us to introduce both outfits and explain what differentiates them from a technical point of view. Then it’s up to you to pick what suits you best, exclusively available through Harley-Davidson global dealer network.

The PassageThe Premium, Technically Advanced Outfit

The Passage riding suit - for both male and female riders - takes away the need for a multi-layer construction as it offers an all-in-one solution. That’s a fundamental difference between it and the Grit. Here we have a laminated outer shell that prevents water from soaking the fabric, not only keeping the rider but also the jacket itself dry and lightweight, contributing to the riders’ comfort during wet and cold rides. On warmer days, our patented VCS|Aquadefence direct ventilation system provides airflow unequalled by any other motorcycle apparel brands in the industry. The highly abrasion-resistant PWR|Shell ripstop outer shell is balanced with stretchable Schöeller C-change material that moves with your movements while maintaining its great silhouette.

Furthermore, it allows enough freedom and flexibility to incorporate any type of mid layer, like, for example, the FXRG®. On the inside, our award-winning SEEFLEX™ CE-level 2 protectors on shoulders, elbows, and knees absorb impact energy like nothing else on the market, topped up with our ultra-tine SEESMART™ CE-level 1 hip protectors and SEESOFT™ CE-level 2 back protector. The Passage jacket and trousers are EN 17092-3:2020 CE-certified (Class AA) garments according to the latest protective motorcycle clothing norm, which are part of the new European PPE regulation, providing impact abrasion resistance, and seam and tear strength.


With ventilated soft-knuckle protection at the back of the hand and TPU protection at the palm, the extremely comfortable, short-cuffed Passage gloves with practical pull-strap are made for hot weather riding. Their goatskin palm provides durability and grip whereas the stretch fabrics at the back of the hand and fingers provide freedom of movement and enhance breathability. The Passage adventure gloves have been developed to be taken on a trip around the world. They are ready for all weather scenarios you may encounter thanks to hydratex® waterproofing and grip technology that will make sure your hands stay warmer when it’s cold and drier when you perspire. The Passage gloves are certified according to the latest EN 13594:2015 protective motorcycle gloves norm.

The GritThe Most Versatile Adventure Touring Outfit

The Grit outfit comes with all the features that makes it a highly versatile, all-weather outfit yet when stripped from its detachable layers, it becomes a true hot-weather riding suit providing ample airflow that directly reaches the body. Constructed with the “liner to drop” configuration, the Grit jacket and pants consist of three layers. The first is a highly abrasion-resistant outer shell made of PWR|Shell ripstop complemented by PWR|Shell 600D reinforcements and safety stitching. Next is a detachable waterproof and breathable hydratex® liner. Lastly, a snug and warm detachable thermal liner.

Carried out in a utilitarian design that matches the Pan America in style and performance, this suit has army-knife like functionality where it is up to the rider to decide what features are needed in what circumstances. Keep all the liners in and close all the venting zippers for a winterproof suit. Drop the liners, open the ventilation panels at the chest and back and get ready to ride in the sun. To make sure you’re armored on the road, this suit comes well prepared with our award winning SEEFLEX™ CE-level 2 protectors at the shoulders and elbows, followed by SEESMART™ CE-level 1 hip protectors and a SEESOFT™ CE-level 2 back protector insert. The Grit jacket and trousers are EN 17092-3:2020 CE-certified (Class AA) garments according to the latest protective motorcycle clothing norm, which are part of the new European PPE regulation, providing impact abrasion resistance, and seam and tear strength.


Put on the Grit Adventure gloves, and you instantly know how a summer glove should fit if it is a well-balanced combination of comfort and protection you’re after. TPR flexible ventilated knuckles at the fingers, knuckle and thumb provide protection with unlimited freedom of movement. PWR|Shield is added at the palm to increase the abrasion resistance of the gloves. They are 100% waterproof and although the gloves have no thermal lining, they’re suitable for 3-season use. The Grit gloves are certified according to the latest EN 13594:2015 protective motorcycle gloves norm.

Premium Footwear to Match

Constructed with rugged materials and quality components to withstand Adventure Touring abuse, Harley-Davidson is introducing male and female premium boots models to complement the new adventure touring outfits. Riders can be confident these boots will hold up for many seasons.

Within the REV’IT! footwear lineup, both the Gravel H2O as the Quest Ladies H2O boots are certified according to the latest EN 13634:2017 protective motorcycle footwear norm and are ready to accompany you on your next escapade.

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

To break out of your comfort zone takes real bravery, especially when you’ve got such a loyal audience, and this is something we truly admire. Harley-Davidson’s decision to venture into new territory, head-on, is an admirable move and we’re proud to accompany Harley-Davidson on this journey into the future.

Two shields are better than one.Available exclusively through Harley-Davidson dealers worldwide.