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Our Playground
A meaningful trail in AmericaNorth America, with its rich and varied landscapes, from its impressive mountain ranges that eclipse the sky to the tranquility of the seemingly endless roads down below; it is a haven for motorcyclists and a wide-open world we can’t help but want to explore. We are moving that world in a positive direction, listening to our customers and promoting our brand values of Design, Performance, and Innovation all across the United States and Canada.
Welcome to the outdoor capital of the world

Take your place in our US team. We’ve always had a big presence in the great city of New York, and now we’re setting up big once again in the outdoor capital of the world; Denver. However, you’ll find our team members based across the whole of North America. While sometimes we’re apart, we work together in close knit. To build our brand with dedicated North American marketing, sales and after sales, warehouse and showrooms, all handled here – providing you with a broad variety of opportunities.

Feel inspired

With our upcoming, new US headquarters in Denver, the Mile-High City, you can truly live and breathe the great outdoors. The stunning scenery, beautiful trails, and enviable motorcycle lifestyle will fuel the excitement and drive in your work every single day.

Make a difference

Are you looking to push, to grow, to make a positive difference? The opportunities at REV’IT! Sport USA are innumerable if you can listen to and learn from our customers, and if you can help us explore new ways of doing things.

Be united

REV’IT! Sport USA is a team united by shared passions and mutual respect. Alert and attentive, we constantly strive to do better for one another and for our customers, whose thoughts, feelings, and experiences offer the daily inspiration that drives us forward.

Enjoy the energy

The REV’IT! Sport USA team is dynamic, constantly energized, and always full of new ideas. There’s always a positive and exciting atmosphere where you’ll feel encouraged to give it your all and explore fresh, new ways of thinking and creative decisions.

Our Playground 
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